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RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice Blame Husband So Much for Her Imprisonment That She Needs To ‘Move On.’

The Real Housewives of New Jersey, star Teresa Giudice is now blaming her hubby, Joe Giudice for the wrangles that have struck her family.

Teresa GiudiceTeresa says that it’s Joe who caused their family’s legal woes which landed the couple in prison.

Speaking recently in an ABC News interview, Teresa said Joe keeps telling her that she should stop blaming him for his past deeds and move on. And that is why Teresa thinks she has to let it go of Joe and move on.

Why Was The Couple Imprisoned?

The 45-years-old RHONJ star was freed from prison in Dec. 2016. She served 11-and-a-half months in prison after pleading guilty to several offenses including, bankruptcy fraud.

Her husband, Joe was found guilty of several federal crimes including:

  • Hiding assets
  • Failing to pay taxes.

Joe is still serving his imprisonment sentence of 41-month to prison.

oe GuidiceAside from the imprisonment issues, the television personality revealed that her worst moment in life was when her mother passed away. The incidence hurt her so much that she decided to write a book, Standing Strong.

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Currently, the mom of four says that she has adapted to the new life without a husband. However, her greatest worries are how Joe’s imprisonment will affect their kids.

Teresa says that the four daughters miss their daddy a lot! She recalls how she struggled as a mother to tell her youngest kid (who just hit 8-years-old recently), of what happened.

Although Teresa regrets having left her children while she was serving her sentence, she says she did what many other women in her situation would do.

Teresa says many women out there, will sign something if their husbands tell them to—just as, she did.

And even though it was fair for her to account for her deed, Teresa feels like her daughters unfairly suffered the most.

How RHONJ Affected Teresa’s Life.

Speaking to ABC News, the reality television star also revealed that she regrets joining Real Housewives of New Jersey, team. It is the RHONJ franchise that propelled Teresa to fame.

She narrates how RHONJ’s producer approached her while she was in a salon. The producer kept convincing her of how celebrity life is sweet, citing, “partying,” as some of the benefits.

By then, Teresa was a happily married mother of three, and she was okay with being a housewife. But the producer’s promises were so sweet that they managed to sway her away, and she joined RHONJ.

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Now, Teresa regrets her decision so much that she says, if given a chance again, she can’t dare do the show.

When asked whether she thought that divorce would be one of her options and her husband, Teresa says she can’t foretell if it will come to that.

The RHONJ star says that she looks forward to having a new life again with her husband. But even if that happens, so many things have changed that she thinks things can’t get back to normal.

Most importantly, when the couple reunites as a family, there are two things that Teresa says will do for her safety:

  • She’ll keep her finances separate for Joe’s.
  • She’ll never sign again anything Joe tells her to.
  • She and Joe will be doing their things separately.

Get Giudice’s latest book, Standing Strong, in stores, nationwide.

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