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Robert and Gavin commit suicide while in detention in Brickeys

Natural deaths cannot be avoided but unusual deaths can. Deaths have become rampant in our societies today. These deaths have moved to the prisons. In Brickeys, two inmates have died in a span of a week.

Brickeys prison
Brickeys prison Entrance

Two Inmates Die in Brickeys

On Friday the 13th, another inmate was found dead barely a week after another was found dead. In both cases, the inmates had hanged themselves. This happened at the Arkansas Department of Correction’s East Arkansas Unit in Brickeys.

At 12:28 A.M on Friday, inmate Gavin Loverin was found dead. He hanged himself in a locked single-man cell. This is according to ADC news release. A similar incident happened on Wednesday. Inmate Robert Ivy was seen hanging in a locked single-man cell. The prison employees at Brickeys are the witnesses of the ordeal.

Both Robert Ivy and Gavin Loverin were transported to the unit infirmary for emergency medical treatment. It is so unfortunate that they were both pronounced dead.

The Department of Correction will be conducting internal investigations on the deaths. This is immediately after the Arkansas State Police were notified about both cases. The Arkansas Police State will also conduct a general investigation into the unusual deaths.

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Robert Ivy was 37 years of age. He was serving a five-year sentence out of Stone County. He was incarcerated for being found in possession of a controlled substance.

On the other hand, Gavin Loverin, a 38-year-old man was serving multiple sentences. The sentences he served were for domestic battery and theft of property. He was also an escape from being a habitual offender out of Sharp, Independence and Cross counties.

Both criminal offenses of Robert Ivy and Gavin Loverin were according to the ADC records. All eyes are on the Department of Correction as they bring out the results of the investigations. Let us just hope that no more unusual death will occur before the matter at hand is solved.

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