Sampson Prison Inmates Help Local Students in Need With School Supplies
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Sampson Prison Inmates Help Local Students in Need With School Supplies

Sampson Correctional Institution inmates come to the rescue for hundreds of local students in need. They made sure the students all had school supplies, provided through a prison-community initiative.

With all the evil that is happening in the world, it’s more than welcomed to hear some good news about the civil and humane things happening in the United States these days.

A group of inmates serving time in Sampson Correctional Institution, hand in hand with the Sampson Fellowship Men’s Club used money raised in prison for a good cause.

With this money, they purchased enough school supplies to fill 25 backpacks on a back to school prison-community initiative. The goal was to get kids closer to education and further away from prisons.

Sampson Correctional Institution Inmates Fellowship for Children

They hope to benefit schools from the nearby counties, such as Hargrove and Union elementary schools. Through the program, they want to ensure that all local students have needed school supplies.

This new program is a prison-community initiative that aims to put to use social services in prisons. Inmates also take part in the Christmas toy giving for kids (Check Out Angel Tree) that are in custody of the Department of Social Services.

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These types of programs create fellowships for inmates to feel part of while locked up.

The donation will directly benefit students, and the Sampson Fellowship Men’s Club of Sampson Correctional expect this to grow and become a regular thing in the future.

Local Students Get Needed School Supplies from Unlikely Source

Sampson Prison Inmates Help Local Students in Need With School Supplies
Sampson Prison Inmates Help Local Students in Need With School Supplies

These are just some of the people involved in the Sampson prison program that gives local students free school supplies. You can see in the picture posted above, starting from the right:

  • Valris Jernigan, correctional program supervisor for N.C. Department of Public Safety
  • Dr. Eric Bracy, superintendent for Sampson County Schools
  • Leah Brockington, administrative assistant for N.C. Department of Public Safety
  • Kelvin Daniels, service club coordinator for the N.C. Department of Public Safety

Some of the school supplies that filled 25 backpacks donated by the Sampson Fellowship Men’s Club.

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The Sampson Fellowship Men’s Club

Also known as the Sampson Society, the men define themselves as travelling companions on a spiritual adventure. They seek, above all, to be attentive to the needs of men struggling with finding a better path to follow. These prison inmates believe in restoring the soul and making progressive positive changes to help achieve a better life.

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Through this prison-community initiative, and others, they seek to help others in need regardless of their status and will keep up their continuous work to improve men’s lives.

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