In Loving Memory of Sandra Bland SayHerName

Sandra Bland’s Death Video: More Questions Than Answers [Watch]

#SayHerName: Sandra Bland hung herself while in police custody. Three years later, her family is questioning the circumstances surrounding her death in an exclusive clip from the upcoming HBO documentary, Say Her Name: The Death and Life of Sandra Bland.

Sandra Bland's Arrest
Sandra Bland Arrest. Image Source: Fox 7 Austin

About the Video Footage: Sandra Bland Dead in Her Jail Cell

The Bland family took a journey back to Waller County, Texas, where Sandra had failed to signal a lane change, leading to her arrest three days later. Sandra Bland was found dead in her cell on July 13th, 2015.

According to authorities, the cause of death was prison suicide.

Sandra’s mother, Geneva Reed-Veal filed a Federal wrongful death lawsuit after her daughter’s death. They were told it would be proven that Sandra contributed to her own death.

Rather than answer their questions they had, it is unfortunate there were more questions after Sandra’s family were shown the security tapes (allegedly taken the day Sandra died).

In Loving Memory of Sandra Bland #SayHerName
In Loving Memory of Sandra Bland #SayHerName. Image Source: Pinterest

Jail Video Does Not Show Sandra Bland on the Gurney

Cannon Lambert, the attorney for the family, said Sandra was never seen in the video. The video was a recording of the morning only on that fateful day in July. Yet, the tapes had no date or time stamp.

Cell 95, where Sandra was being held, was in the back corner. Sandra’s sister, Shavon, thought it was strange there were no cameras near her sister’s cell. The death scene could not be seen on the tapes because, clearly, Sandra’s corner was never covered in the footage.

Shortly after her body was found with a garbage bag tied around her neck, you see medical staffers wheeling a gurney towards Sandra ‘s cell. They thought they saw Sandra Bland on the gurney but, surprisingly, she was not on the gurney.

Video: Does Surveillance Show That Sandra Bland Contributed to Her Own Death?

Sandra Bland’s family was told to come down and take a look at the video. They were assured that once they saw it, they would see for themselves… proof, that she “contributed to her own death.”

Well, that’s not what her loved ones saw when they viewed the jail surveillance video. Check it out below. Is that what you see on this video which supposedly shows the death of Sandra Bland?

Never Forget: #SayHerName

Back in January 2015, before her death while in police custody, Sandra Bland started posting videos online. Some were related to the police brutality going on against America’s Black People.

In one of her posts, Bland wrote:

“In the news that we’ve seen as of late, you could stand there, surrender to the cops, and still be killed.”

Now, we ask you… does this sound like a woman who would hang herself with a plastic trash bag because she was taken into custody over a minor offense?

#SayHerName and tell us what you think.

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