OITNB Campaign: Vaginas Against Trump. Rumor has it season 6 will touch on Trump's Presidency
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Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black May Touch on Trump’s Presidency

OITNB Campaign: Vaginas Against Trump. Rumor has it season 6 will touch on Trump's presidency.
OITNB Campaign: Vaginas Against Trump. Rumor has it season 6 will touch on Trump’s Presidency.
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OITNB Season 5 kicks off amid a rebellion inside the Litchfield Prison.  In the long run, it is all about:

  • Being against system abuses
  • The need to find true justice for women in prisons

The actress who plays Ramona “Pidge” Contreras, Miriam Morales, on OITNB recently spoke out. She said:

I think this season reflects what is happening with the women in the country and what we feel. Especially with the changes that are happening with the election of Donald Trump as president.

Did this OITNB star just hint to us that season 6 will definitely touch on the Presidency of Trump? Is OITNB headed to as dark as place as Trump’s presidency?

Litchfield Prison Inmates Really Hate President Trump

With the next season of OITNB on everyone’s mind, changes are bound to happen.

OITNB Says No on Trump
OITNB Says No on Trump

And boy, we are eager to see them develop! Although we know that they will all be separated and sent to different prisons in the country, there’s a lot in the air. At least until Litchfield Prison again becomes a facility worthy of its inmates.

Just as with the Black Lives Matter movement, Litchfield inmates are not afraid to get political. And, having touched on:

  • Racism
  • The private prison system
  • Staff abuse
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They just won’t stop. OITNB  has been unstoppable since it premiered in 2013. With its combination of drama and comedy, Orange is the New Black became an immediate success.

Will Trump’s Presidency Be the Life of OITNB Season 6?

The series has remained unshakable, throughout the years. So much so, that it’s creator, Jenji Kohan, reached an agreement with Netflix to extend the series until 2019.

So far, we’ve got until season 7 to hold on to this magnificent drama. It’s no doubt that the series still has a lot of buttons to push, and a lot to say about the current social situation.

On a real-life note, cast & crew got to protest in a very widespread campaign called Vaginas against Trump… So that’s said.

Jenji Kohan has lifted a pretty high fence for the season 6:

  • Drama
  • Pain
  • Repentance
  • Revenge
  • Struggle

All of these will remain main ingredients of this Netflix prison saga. Meanwhile, we only have to wait and see what happens next at Litchfield Prison. If you enjoy puns about Trump’s Presidency, rumor has it that Season 6 will be one worth watching.

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