Secret Life of a Prison Wife Video: She shares about having sex with her husband in prison.
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Secret Life of a Prison Wife: Bold Woman Had Sex with Husband in Prison (Video)

“I had sex with my husband in prison” is the bold confession of a Washington woman who runs a YouTube channel called the Secret Life of a Prison Wife.

The Secret Life of a Prison Wife YouTube channel is managed by a 42-year-old prison reform activist whose husband is serving a 28-year prison sentence. She manages the video channel together with a Facebook group to provide support to other prison wives who have husbands locked up behind prison bars.

About Prison Conjugal Visits

Some correctional facilities allow for conjugal visits, also known as extended family visits. This is where spouses or family members visit a prison inmate in a secluded private living space.

The inmates and their spouses may engage in sexual activity in their designated rooms. Visiting spouses may stay up to 72 hours at the prison this prison wife visits.

Prison authorities sometimes provide bathing soaps, bed linens, condoms, towels and lubricants to help the prison couple adjust and enjoy their privacy. However, many prison facilities only provide basic furniture, kitchen appliances and cooking supplies, such as utensils and pots and pans.

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Secret Life of a Prison Wife Video: She shares about having sex with her husband in prison.
Secret Life of a Prison Wife Video: She shares about having sex with her husband in prison.

The Purpose of Conjugal Visits in Prisons

The main objective of conjugal visits is to allow bonding and intimacy between inmates and their spouses. Some lovers have ended up getting married in prison. And some prison wives or visiting spouses have ended up conceiving new babies from such visits.

According to Secret Life of a Prison Wife, conjugal visits are also known as family visits. This is a huge topic among prison wives community.

She says that the following states currently allow for conjugal visits:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Washington
  • New York

How Long Do Spouses Have To Wait Before Conjugal Visits in Washington

In her state of Washington:

  • Couples married prior to incarceration may have to wait six months before they are approved for conjugal visits
  • If the couple got married after incarceration and have no children, then they may have to wait three years before they are allowed conjugal visits
  • If they just got married before incarceration and have no kids, then they will have to wait one year before being allowed family visits

Video: Secret Life of a Prison Wife ‘I Had Sex with My Husband in Prison’

This prison wife has personal experiences visiting her incarcerated husband. In Secret Life of a Prison Wife, she tells us how they had sex in prison. She also addressed concerns other prison wives may have about conjugal prison visits.

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Having Sex with Your Husband in Prison… Privately

In Secret Life of a Prison Wifeshe disclosed that when conjugal visits are approved, couples won’t be disturbed in their given trailers until their visits are over:

“They won’t disturb you at all unless they are doing head counts; and then there is a phone inside the trailer that the man can use to speak to prison officers from within the trailer.”

The prison wife added that corrections officers check the food and bags of clothes brought inside by visitors. Then, they are made to pass through metal detectors.

All prison visitors entering for conjugal visits are rigorously patted down. They are examined to ensure they are not smuggling any contraband to the inmates before they are allowed to proceed to their private trailers.

She also said it is possible to:

  • Rent DVDs
  • Watch or play games
  • Take part in other fun activities that spouses can engage in… including sex in prison

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