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U.S. Senator Todd Young Tours Federal Corrections Complex

U.S. Senator Todd Young of Indiana toured the federal corrections complex in Terre Haute while there on other matters. While he didn’t offer any solid plans to expand the federal prison, he did let on that there might be some changes that have an impact on the facility.

Todd Young Interested in Community

As an economic asset to the local community, he wanted to know more about how it works, its benefits, and shortcomings.

Todd Young has said that all of the tax dollars of Indiana residents be spent well, so gaining a better understanding of how the prison operates can help him to consider and, eventually, add value to the prison complex.

Overall, Todd Young said that he was impressed, but that there are some issues that need to be addressed. Overcrowding is one pressing issue that needs to be resolved. The capacity of the Penitentiary is 1,126 inmates, the prison capacity is 654, and the workhouse can house 331.

While this isn’t the only Federal Corrections facility that is having a problem with too many inmates and too little space, but it is of particular concern to residents of Indiana because the cost of expansions might come from their tax dollars.

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According to records, though, there is overcrowding in almost all parts of the complex that needs to be remedied. Young has shown a willingness to take the lead in decisions regarding moving inmates or adding to the facility.

His goal is to ensure that Washington understands the value of the Prison, and the role it plays in the Indiana economy. It wouldn’t be the first time that there have been attempts to get funding from Washington D.C. for expansion, though. In 2010, the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce did send a group of government and business leaders to D.C. in an effort to lobby to have the complex expanded.

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