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She Wants to be a Grandmother… But, My Mom Is Still in Prison

When women are pregnant, it can be the best news of their life. Often times people try for a great deal of time to have a child. However, this process can be even more daunting when a loved one is in prison.

When a blogger started writing about her life with her fiance in prison, she brought the many trials and tribulations a woman faces to light. She writes about her mother’s desire for a grandchild even though she is in prison.

To make things more complicated, the blogger speaks about her age. At forty having a child is not the easiest thing to do. Therefore she started praying each and every day to fulfill her biggest dream and her mother’s biggest desire.

However it doesn’t end there. The blogger’s partner is also incarcerated. To make her dream come true she has started looking into fertility treatments. She plans to freeze her eggs so will have options when her partner does get out of prison.

If you are in a similar predicament make sure you look into fertility treatments and perhaps even consider freezing your eggs. This small investment can go a long way towards creating a family.

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I’ve started researching the different fertility options that I may have. I am still researching and going through consultations, but it looks like I’ve pretty much made a decision. I plan to have my eggs frozen. That way, if all of my eggs are useless by the time my boo gets released, we will still have the option of using my frozen eggs to make our family.

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