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State Prison vs. Federal Prison Systems

As it has been revealed, there exist various differences between the state and federal prison systems. This is in the basis of various aspects of operations carried out in the entire criminal and justice system.
Under the same level of security, federal prisons are a bit safer than the state prisons since there is less crowding in federal prisons.
More specifically, the federal prison systems involve few cases in which the individuals imprisoned are offered larger spaces and better facilities as compared to state prisons.
This has enhanced decreased vulnerability of prisoners in the federal prisons to social humiliations. Though the cases dealt with in federal prisons may attribute to larger and more severe punishments, the prisoners are not usually exposed to unnecessary tortures as it is in state prisons (Glaser 54-65).

Federal Prison Systems

It is important to note that, the federal prisons usually have their staff more trained than as it is with state prisons. This is because, the federal prisons deal with more technical and advanced cases as per the laws set by the congress; thus necessitating contracting of more advanced staff in the processions of the prisons.

In this regard, the federal prison systems are larger and more complex than state prisons on the basis of the various cases involved. Basically, the state prisons are usually run locally by the governors whereas the federal prisons are dealt with by a set of security team appointed by the congress.
Considering the technicalities of cases involved in federal courts, a highly qualified staff would be required in carrying out various activities in it, leading to their better payments. On the other hand, the staffs for state prisons are not much paid since their level of qualification is a bit lower than the ones in the federal prisons; as they deal with local cases (Barbara & Rather 45-79).

More so, suicide cases in state prison systems are more than as it is in federal prisons. This is usually as a result of more congestion in state prisons than it is in federal prisons. Being smaller in sizes and dealing with numerous local cases, state prisons have been found to be having a larger number of suicide cases than as it is in federal prisons. In addition, the pathetic conditions found in state prisons leads to many people committing suicide. Further, homicides have been more experienced in state prisons than in federal prisons.
This is because; in state prison systems, the security is a bit less than as it is in federal prisons. This has attributed to the higher level of homicides in state prisons where prisoners are many and congested. This congestion experienced in state prisons encourages the act of people killing each other in state prisons. Specifically, both suicides and homicides are more experienced in state prisons than in federal prisons (Glaser 34-67).

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