Kevin is nervous about taking his first flight since his release from San Quentin State Prison. (OWN)
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Formerly Incarcerated People Face Serious Challenges Trying to Create Better Lives

Getting out of jail is, for most, a clean slate. It’s chance to start over, to do good, to become someone who makes a mark on society. But, formerly incarcerated people face some serious challenges starting new lives outside the prison gates.

What they don’t know is while they are ready to move on in life, society is not ready to see them as more than criminals. And, that makes it hard on both the ex-cons, and the prison loved ones waiting for them on the outside.

Released: A Raw Series About What Formerly Incarcerated People Face

Issues Formerly Incarcerated People Face: Kevin is nervous about taking his first flight since his release from San Quentin State Prison. (OWN)
Kevin is nervous about taking his first flight since his release from San Quentin State Prison. (OWN) Image Source: YouTube

In OWN’s new show, “Released“, the lives of three former inmates are attempting to get their new life going. With healthy living, job hunting and the chance to be better, they face situations that make them realize what life is like for people who have been incarcerated.

Beyond all the hope and inspiration, there is a darker turn on what they will be facing.

Recidivism: Prison After Prison

When a prisoner leaves jail after serving his sentence, he begins a process of reintegration for which, many times, neither he nor society is prepared for.

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A complex road where the former inmate obtains the necessary tools to reintegrate into society. A task that is not easy and that affects many. Beyond a crude fact, it should be a wakeup call for many.

There are many imprisoned people who deserve another chance once they get out. If the doors are closed, they will probably commit a crime once they leave. They also want to work and have a normal life… They want to move on.

Formerly Incarcerated People Face Overcomable Obstacles

 Having a job, a significant other or a family outside are essential conditions to facilitate the reinsertion of the inmate population. However, nothing guarantees that the process is successful.

The road to being a free person again is long and complex. There are many other factors that affect the reality of these people.

When their sentences have been long, most prisoners have spent a lot of time without working or training. This adds difficulties when it comes to living and working in a community again.

Video: The Stigmas and Challenges Facing Formerly Incarcerated People

What are some of the other major obstacles formerly incarcerated people face here in America?

Are there effective ways to help them overcome these issues so they can actually succeed as free people?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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