A photo of Kendall Scheid (left) and Duncan Unternaher (right).
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Student Who Stabbed Roommate to Death Over Fast-Food Released Early

Kendal Scheid was a former University of Akron student. Released on the 2nd of October, Judge Margaret Rowlands released him after 10 months in jail.

Kendal Scheid, a former University of Akron student was released on Tuesday the 2nd of October. He was ordered released by Judge Margaret Rowlands, a Summit County Common Pleas Judge. This was an early release.

The 24-year-old only served 10 months in prison. He was sentenced to serve three years in prison. Scheid had been convicted of brutally stabbing 23-year-old Duncan Unternaher who was his roommate. He died in hospital in December 2016. The two argued over fast-food.

The Sentencing of Kendal Scheid

During his sentencing, Scheid pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. This came with the agreement that Scheid would receive a less charge for the crime.

According to the sentence, Scheid was to serve a minimum of six months before he was eligible for a possible early release.

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About Duncan Unternaher’s Death

According to Beacon Journal, Scheid and Unternaher were roommates. The stabbing happened in December 2016. When the stabbing occurred, Scheid was drunk.

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The duo got into a fierce argument over Arby’s. During the argument, Scheid fatally stabbed Unternaher. Unternaher was rushed to a hospital where he died two days later.

Early Release of Scheid Criticized by Prosecutors and Unternaher’s family

Scheid’s early release has not been received well by prosecutors and family of the victim, Unternaher.  One person not impressed by the early release of Scheid is Gregory Unternaher, Unternaher’s father.

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During the hearing on the 2nd, Unternaher’s father pleaded with the court to decline Scheid’s early release request. According to him, the 10 months Scheid has spent in jail is not enough for his son’s life. Uternaher’s parents felt and believed the 24-year old had not served enough time for the murder of their son Unternaher.

During the hearing, Unternaher’s father confessed that his family has been hurting. According to his father, they have been functioning but continue to be hurt daily by their son’s death.

He added that the hurt will not stop anytime soon. They will be hurt as long as they live. He requested the judge not free Scheid. He said his release would cause them even more pain.

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A photo of Kendall Scheid (left) and Duncan Unternaher (right).
Scheid’s (pictured on the left) release is definitely raising concerned people’s eyebrows, as serving less than a year in prison for killing Unternaher (right) raises questions of any bias or unnecessary leniency during his sentence. Image Search: Cleveland.com

Scheid Has Been a Model Prisoner

According to Don Malarcik, Scheid’s attorney, Scheid has been a model prisoner during the time he has been in prison. He added that Scheid is remorseful for the stabbing of Unternaher. An act that leads to his death.

The judge ordered Scheid on probation for 4 years.

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