Suge Knight sitting in Court with a fed up look on his face.
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Marion Suge Knight Gets 28 Years in Prison for Murdering His Friend

On the 4th of October, Marion “Suge” Knight got 28 years behind bars. He was charged in the killing of Terry Carter, a businessman, in Compton in 2015.

Before the court proceeding on Thursday, he accepted to a lengthy jail term. This was after pleading no contest to the voluntary slaying of Carter.

By pleading no contest, he avoided a murder trial. It would have led to life imprisonment if convicted. The sentence ended a 4 year-long court saga. The case has had Knight shuffle his defense team about 16 times. The 53-year-old has even collapsed during a court hearing.

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Knight will likely spend the remainder of his life in prison. He is set for at least 20 years of incarceration in a California prison before he is eligible for a possible parole.

The Murder of Terry Carter

In January 2015 a fight broke out outside a burger stand in Compton. The fight was between Knight and his long-time archrival Cle “Bone” Sloan.

Knight’s portrayal in “Straight Outta Compton” really upset him. Sloan was working as a consultant. Knight injured Sloan severely, using his pickup truck to clip him. As he sped off, he ran over Cater and fled the scene.

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There have been some disputed accounts of why Carter was there, at the scene. His family insists he really loved to help people. According to them, the deceased was a community mediator and a peacemaker.

Knight Is Unremorseful for Killing Terry Carter

Two dozens of Carter’s loved ones filled the courtroom during the sentencing. According to the relatives of Carter, he was a very peaceful man, devoted to his family.

Knight showed no emotion during the court proceedings and the sentencing. According to Carter’s relatives, Knight was completely unremorseful for killing their loved one.

Suge Knight sitting in Court with a fed up look on his face.
Suge Knight’s reckless abandon isn’t just shown through the incident that caused Terry Carter’s death, but in the uncaring visage he had during court. Image Source: The Independent

Justice Served to Carter and His Family

Carter’s family had no kind words for Death Row Records Co-founder either. Crystal, Carter’s daughter, described Knight as a:

  • Career criminal
  • Low-life thug
  • Disgusting individual
  • Callous menace to the community
  • A disgrace to the human race

She asked the judge to sentence the fallen mogul the maximum of 28 years in prison. According to her, the court gave her dad the justice she eagerly waited for. Her dad can now rest peacefully.

Suge Knight Sentenced to 28 Years in Prison for the Death of Terry Carter

Carter’s relatives described the anguish that came having to watch the surveillance camera video over and over again. They scolded the media also for showing the video repeatedly.

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Judge Ronald Coen of the Los Angeles Superior court, was moved by the words of the relatives of Carter. Family and friends of Carter hope to finally get some inner peace after the lengthy court hearings.

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