AZ Prisoners Attack Officers
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Sunday Riot in Arizona Prison Leaves 12 Inmates & 1 Guard Wounded

Twelve prison inmates and one prison guard have sustained various degrees of injuries after a riot broke out on Sunday. The disturbing incident occurred at the Red Rock Correctional Center in Eloy, Arizona. The prison is managed by CoreCivic.

CBSNEWS reports:

“Prisoners are rioting at CCA Red Rock. There have been inmate-in-inmate assaults and inmate-on-staff assaults. As this time, the situation is contained and CCA special operation teams are working to secure the prison.”

The Eloy Police Department had on Sunday morning alerted the general public to the development through a Facebook post.

AZ Prisoners Attack Officers
AZ Prisoners Attack Officers. Image Source: Fox News

Department Of Corrections and Eloy Police Are Investigating the Prison Riot

CoreCivic spokesman Jonathan Burns disclosed that local law enforcement officers secured the perimeters of the prison, while special operations teams contained the violence inside. Eloy Fire Paramedics attended to the injured and moved them out to hospitals.

Although it took till afternoon before the situation could be brought under control, all the wounded persons sustained non-life-threatening injuries. The cause of the prison riot remains unknown. But State Department of Corrections and the local Eloy police are investigating the incident to get to the root of the matter.

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Hundreds of families and friends made frantic calls when they heard the news

A few hours after the news broke, hundreds families and friends began to call to make enquiries to ascertain what happened to their incarcerated loved ones. One of such persons is Gloria Park, whose husband was a member of the special operations team deployed to quell the violence.

Park “freaked out” on receiving the news; it wasn’t until she heard directly from her husband that she calmed down.  According to her:

“Being a correctional officer is not easy. Being a spouse of a CO is not easy. We just have to be positive and strong and keep praying that they will come home to us at the end of the day.”

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