Supreme Court Rejects Bobby Bostic’s Appeal for Early Release

At 16 years, Bobby Bostic was convicted of 18 crimes and sentenced to 241 years in prison.

His crimes

On the fateful day, Bobby and his friend Donald robbed a group of well-wishers who were giving presents to the needy in a neighborhood Booby was attending a party. Bobby and Donald shot two of males who refused to adhere to their demands.

The men were lucky to have been wearing heavy coats due to the cold. The thickness of the coats slowed down the speed of the bullets. They then carjacked a lady they found around the corner as they were leaving a friend’s house.

A gun was pointed at her head. Donald who was 18 at the time robbed her as Bobby drove. He even frisked her body touching her breasts in the process to see if she was hiding anything from them. Later they dumped her in an alley and took off with her car. Bobby and Donald were arrested an hour later.

Court hearings

Donald pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Bobby, on the other hand, refused to accept any deals and proceeded to trial. His lawyer asked him to write a letter to the judge. He wrote four letters, each worse than the one before. He did not show any remorse in his letters but used them as a way to complain.

This irritated the judge, Evelyn Baker. Even his mother’s letter to her could not save Bobby from her wrath. She sentenced him to serve for his crimes consecutively rather than concurrently. He committed 18 crimes and was sentenced to 241 years in prison.

The change

While in prison, Bobby began to see the effects of his actions. He was remorseful and regretted his actions. Bobby even wrote to his victims more than once asking for forgiveness for what he did to them.

Judge Baker who is now retired, two months ago expressed her regrets towards the sentencing of Bobby. She regrets sentencing him for so long. Baker op-ed how she is remorseful for sentencing Bobby for his immaturity. She pleads with the U.S Supreme Court to give him the time to reform that she never did.

The Appeal

Evelyn Baker contacted the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). She requested that her name is among the amicus brief filed by 26 former judges, prosecutors, and enforcement officials.

The court has been requested to rule Bobby’s case referring to the Graham v Florida case of 2010. In this case, a rule was made that prohibits sentencing for life without parole for juveniles. The ACLU and Bobby’s supporters are of the opinion that this case should form precedent in Bobby’s case.

The appeal comes after a trial in a Missouri court. General Josh Hawley held that the case cannot form precedent because, in Bobby’s case, he is being accused of several crimes. The rule only applies to one crime sentences.

The Supreme Court Hearing

Bobby’s lawyers argued that his sentencing was in contravention of the constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishments. The Supreme Court, however, turned down the appeal.

This came as a disappointment to the ACLU.  They said in a press release that Bobby deserves a chance to prove that his crimes at 16 years do not define who he is now. This is what the constitution advocates.


Tina Karen
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