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System Upgrades Prevent Family from Visiting Inmates at Madison County Jail, Until Further Notice

Some changes are coming soon at the Madison County Jail. The facility plans to do some upgrading of its technology system.

The changes might be aimed to yield positive results. But, in between, the process proves not to be conducive for all inmates.

Madison County Jail VisitationAccording to the facility reports, families and friends are not allowed to visit their loved ones in prison, until the facility finishes to update its technology system.

The institution made it clear why it wouldn’t be possible for them to allow visitations. Justifying their decision, they said that the changes touch the visitation program directly.

Madison County jail will be installing video visitation systems during the time. Although the original visitation program in the facility is still operational, the officials still saw it necessary to upgrade it.

Madison County jail has always been using the video visitations as ways to maintain the relationships between the inmates and their loved ones.

How Visitations At Madison County Jail, Are Done.

Madison County Jail VisitationTo visit your relative or friend in the facility, one would have to walk into Madison County jail. You would then make an appointment. The inmate would then get notified of the appointment.

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Right in his dorm, the inmate would go up to the screen, and pick up the phone. The video monitor would necessitate visual communication as the two parties communicate.

Then, the visiting relatives and friends will sit in a specific room and respond to the phone, while looking at the screen as well.

The facility plans to use the similar video visitations for appointments. If that happens, family members will not have to walk to the facility to make appointments.

The officials anticipate that, if they switch to the video appointments, the benefits will include:

  • There will be more time for friends and families to place their appointments.
  • The secluding process will become much easier.

However, all the procedures and policies that exist in the current system of appointment will remain unchanged even when the facility switch to video ones.

Until further notice, loved ones and families are not allowed to visit their loved ones in Madison County jail.

However, the phone calls have not been shut down too. So the inmates can still use the phones to communicate with their families.

What Is The Madison County Jail Inmates’ Reaction To The Changes?

The facility staff notified the inmates of the temporary inconveniences, even before their family members knew it.

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Having been alerted early in advance, the more than 900-inmates currently at the Madison County jail facility are psychologically prepared for the changes.

In fact, the staff at the Madison County jail have pointed out that majority of the detainee has welcomed the changes positively. Some of the reasons for their responses are because updating the video will make communication:

  • Clearer
  • Reliable
  • Less outages
  • Less downtime

They’ll have more facilities thus will make even more video visitations in the dorm.

The process is expected take two weeks to complete, and nothing more. The project is approximately halfway.

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