Brenda Ann Spencer in Shackles
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Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays: Making Brenda Ann Spencer a Star

One minute Brenda Ann Spencer is a 16-year old shooting up an elementary school for the most ridiculous reason. The next thing you know, a star is born from a devastating mass school shooting. Brenda Ann Spencer: A Movie in the Making Ninet Tayeb is an Israeli entertainer. The 25-year-old star is a composer, singer, songwriter, model, Read More…

Brenda Ann Spencer now claims she feels responsible for the latest school shootings.
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Is Brenda Ann Spencer Responsible for the Latest School Shootings?

‘I Hate Mondays’ has become a coined phrase. Many new memes and t-shirts in social media reference this Brenda Ann Spencer famous quote. Now, she feels responsible for all school shootings. I Hate Mondays: Who Is Brenda Ann Spencer? That was her motive for the January 29, 1979 school shooting at Grover Cleveland Elementary School. Spencer, the Read More…

Brenda Ann Spencer, the Grover Cleveland Elementary School Shooter... Then & Now
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Classic Song Inspired By Brenda Ann Spencer, Who Hated Mondays Enough To Kill

said it was more fun to shoot people dead than see another Monday. She hated Mondays enough to kill people. And, in 1979 she mowed down people with 30 rounds of ammunition. Spencer was convicted and is currently incarcerated at the California Institution for Women in Corona, CA (CIW). The music group Boomtown Rats was Read More…