Charles Manson seems to have two different wills with two different signatures. Which is legit?
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Fights Continue as Charles Manson’s Body Remains on Ice at County Morgue

It is becoming a serious matter to solve… who should get Charles Manson’s body? Michael Channels, who was Manson’s pen pal, together with five other people are battling over the corpse in any way possible. Michael Channels on Manson’s Body Remains At the very moment, the Charlie’s body is preserved in a California morgue. Michael […]

Michael Channels & Charles Manson Prison Visit
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Charles Manson’s Corpse as Troubling as the Cult Leading Murderer Himself

Even as a corpse, Charles Manson is still a major troublemaker. At some point, you have to wonder, did he plan this as a last chance to be the center of attention? It’s been over a month since Ole’ Charlie died in a hospital in Bakersfield, CA. Since then, several claims have been made by […]

11 Facts You Didn't Know About Marijuana
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Good News: California’s Marijuana Prisoners Looking at 2nd Chances

Hundreds of thousands of prisoners in CDCR with drug convictions could be free soon thanks to legalization laws effective Jan 1, 2018. It is great opportunities for these California inmates, as their drug convictions could be wiped away. California’s Marijuana Legalization Could Mean Freedom for Thousands of CDCR Inmates Marijuana sales will be made legal in […]

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Cult Murderer Charles Manson’s Cause of Death Finally Released

Cult murderer Charles Manson’s death certificate has finally been released. It seems he and CDCR knew he was dying long before that final day arrived. Charlie Manson’s causes of death are listed as: Acute cardiac arrest Colon cancer Respiratory failure Further investigations revealed Charles Manson weighed only 127 pounds at the time of his death […]

Brenda Ann Spencer, the Grover Cleveland Elementary School Shooter... Then & Now
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Classic Song Inspired By Brenda Ann Spencer, Who Hated Mondays Enough To Kill

said it was more fun to shoot people dead than see another Monday. She hated Mondays enough to kill people. And, in 1979 she mowed down people with 30 rounds of ammunition. Spencer was convicted and is currently incarcerated at the California Institution for Women in Corona, CA (CIW). The music group Boomtown Rats was […]

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Death Row Inmate Scott Peterson Dedicates Prison Shrine to Murdered Wife Lacy

Death row inmate Scott Peterson currently maintains a prison shrine to his murdered wife, Laci. He is also reported to keep and constantly smooch the photograph of his late wife. Peterson has never admitted to killing his pregnant wife. And, he continues to write prison penpals to maintain his supposed innocence. Peterson, 45, is currently […]

Oprah's Prison Visit
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The Reason Behind Oprah Winfrey Prison Story Pitch on 60 Minutes (Video)

Oprah Winfrey believes the use of solitary confinement deserves scrutiny, which is why she pitched a story about the topic for this week’s 60 Minutes broadcast. As a Special Contributor, Winfrey details how she ended up in a prison cell at the most notorious state penitentiary in America: Pelican Bay State Prison in California (PBSP). Oprah Winfrey’s Day in […]

KSBY6 Reports on CMC Prison Riot
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1 Inmate Dead, Several Injured Following Prison Riot at CMC (Video)

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) states there was prison riot at the California Men’s Colony (CMC). The prison violence broke out on Sunday and one inmate lost his life in the riot. The deceased has been identified to be Mathew Cook, a 25-year-old inmate serving a 13-year sentence for burglary. Hospital Is […]

Early Prison release
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Latest Updates on Early Prison Releases for CDCR’s Nonviolent Second-Strikers (NVSS)

In Jan 2015, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) started a new process of determining parole and early prison releases. This was after a federal court directed California to reduce overcrowding in prison. As a result, the inmates characterized as being Nonviolent Second-Strikers (NVSS) qualified for early parole. And in November 2016, nonviolent prisoners […]

California Mens Colony Prison Facility
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California Men’s Colony Is Now Allowing Visitation after Large-Scale Riot

The California Men’s Colony prison which is situated in San Luis Obispo County will now be allowing visitation for its prisoners. The, visitation, however, will be strictly in the: West Facility Facility D, which is located on the eastern side The new move came following a recent large-scale riot which was experienced in the facility. […]