Men Working in the Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program
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New Report: In Oregon, Prison Labor in Constitutionally Required

For more than a century now, prison work training programs and laborers have existed in Oregon state correctional institutions. They came into existence due to the two ballot measures of the 1990s.  This has led to local companies choosing to hire prison inmates for slave wages instead of paying living wages to people on the Read More…

Inmates across the US refused to provide prison labor during the largest strike of its kind in the US.
Latest News Prison Labor Prison Riots, Strikes, Evacuations

What Can We Learn From the Largest Prison Strike in US History?

This past August, inmates in 17 U.S. states went on strike by refusing to eat or work. That meant no prison labor to help feed the pockets of the various DOCs. And, there are lessons to be learned from what ended up being the largest prison strike in the history of America. These 2018 prison Read More…

Private Firefighters Fighting the Woolsey Fire in Malibu (NOT THE FOREST)
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California’s Wildfire Fighters: The Lions, Tigers & Prisoners

As both Northern and Southern California continue to burn from wildfires, there are three groups of men and women risking their lives to contain them. California is literally under fire… from the North to the South. These two horrific wildfires have already completely burned about 400 square miles and taken 84 lives. The California Department Read More…

Angola Prison: Arkansas uses FORCED, unpaid labor to thrive.
Latest News Prison Labor Prison Riots, Strikes, Evacuations

US Inmates Strike for Fair Wages: Authorities Downplay Nationwide Impact

Who can we actually count on when it comes to prison reform? Congress just doesn’t seem to get it. All federal efforts to make changes toward reform continuously fail. And, the states don’t seem to want to act fast enough, coming up with one excuse after the next for getting things going. However, there is Read More…

Prison Strike: Amani Sawari interviewed on Democracy Now
Prison Labor Prison Riots, Strikes, Evacuations

Protests Across the US Fighting Against Modern Day Slavery in Prisons

On Tuesday, prisoners across the US started the first nationwide prison strike since 2016. Prisoners are refusing food as part of the strike. The strike goes beyond asking for prison conditions to be improved. Organizers aim to draw attention to the deaths while in custody. Another significant issue is the poor compensation (in some cases, Read More…

CDCR Firefighter Shawna Lynn Jones Being Rescued Before Dying at UCLA the Following Day.
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California Prisoners Fight Wildfires for Slave Wages; But, There Are Benefits

Wildfires are currently consuming Northern California. There are more than 2,000 prisoners that are paying back their debts to society by helping fight the fires. On the front lines of the deadliest California wildfire in history, professional firefighters are working alongside prison inmates with one key difference: PAY So how does the program inmate firefighter Read More…

California's inmate firefighters are cheap labor for a dangerous job.
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Licensing Restrictions Deny California’s Ex-Prisoners Jobs After Fighting Deadly Fires

California’s prison firefighter programs educate and train inmates for future employment. But require specific licenses to get real jobs after release. To get a license, you can’t have a criminal record. The California Department of Corrections says there are at least 2,000 inmates currently fighting the wildfires in the state. The fires include the Mendocino Read More…

A group of prisoners being sent away in a truck to fight fires.
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California’s Use of Prisoners to Fight Wildfires Is Comparable to Slave Labor

California pays prison inmates volunteering to fight wildfires $2 per day. Regular firefighters are paid up to $16.50 per hour. This is slave labor.   California depends on volunteer prison inmates to fight its frequent wildfires. This is not a new practice. The state has used prison labor since the World War II. Roughly 3,400 Read More…