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Long-Term Solitary Confinement Is Now History in Colorado Prisons

Long-term solitary confinement is now a thing of the past in Colorado prisons. Such changes in cruel and unusual punishment practices are long overdue. Colorado Still Uses Short-Term Solitary Confinement This was revealed by officials of the Colorado Department of Corrections following a five-year effort for change. Rick Raemisch, executive director of the state’s department of Read More…

A woman visits with a Denver County Jail inmate over video-chat.
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Officials React: Denver Watchdog Petitions Against Video-Only Prison Visitation

The city and county jails in Denver only allow visitors to speak to their incarcerated loved ones via a video console. Families are not allowed to have physical contact with inmates. Visits are video-only. Watchdog Explains Unfairness of Video-Only Prison Visits in Denver One of the Denver jails was intentionally designed that way to make Read More…