Some Believe the First Step Act Is Dangerous
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First Step Act: Who’s Set to Go Home Early from Prison in 2019?

First Step Act has brought changes to the federal prison system. The Feds are set to release about 53,000 inmates over the next 10 years starting in 2019. But who and where are they now? According to the US Bureau of Prisons, there are about 180,000 federal inmates currently incarcerated. They will not say which facilities Read More…

HR 5682 - First Step Act
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NYE 2018: Joy & Uncertainties Brought About by Trump’s First Step Act

President Trump signed the First Step Act right before Christmas 2018. The essence of the Act is to reduce sentences for thousands of prisoners. But, most inmates and loved ones don’t expect releases to come anytime soon. This law states that each inmate gets seven days credit (days off their sentences) per year, for every Read More…

A felon in handcuffs filling out a job application for an industry hiring him
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Homebuilder and Auto Industries Hiring Felons and Support Prison Reform

Homebuilders & Automobile Industry Support Prison Reform to Acquire Workers The death of cheap labor is causing major industries to turn to the prisons. Homebuilders, the automobile industry and the Chamber of Commerce are asking President Trump to institute prison reforms that could see more prisoners released. The industries hope to hire ex-prisoners as workers Read More…

Meek Mill is a proud father who loves spending time with his son, even when he's on the road.
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Does Meek Mill Agree with Trump’s First Step Act for Prison Reform?

CNN’s Michael Smerconish spoke with Hip Hop rapper Meek Mill Friday on how the criminal justice system treats him, Trump and getting into prison reform. He tells the reporter that the system has ways of snatching up young Black men. Then, it keeps them trapped, even if they never commit new crimes. To him, as Read More…

Darrell C. Scott speaking at a podium.
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Donald Trump is Pro-Black According to an Inner City Pastor

A bill for prison reform, First Step Act is showing President Trump in a positive light. Yet, the bill doesn’t address any of the huge problems with mass incarceration. Is Trump Actually Pro-Black? During a White House roundtable with several inner-city pastors, President Donald Trump was lauded as the most “pro-black president” in recent history. Read More…