South Florida activists take action against ICE, GEO Group
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Local Residents Kick GEO Group Out of Private Prison Business

Local residents of Lancaster County in Pennsylvania have used people power to kick Geo Group out of business. GEO Group is one of the largest private prison companies in the United States. They have now lost their business in Lancaster County because the local community united against them. The people now understand that preventing profit-seeking Read More…

Earlier 2017, 50 detainees went on hunger strikes in NWDC protesting horrid living conditions.
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Horrid Conditions Lead to Lawsuit Against Washington’s Only Private Prison

The Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) located in Tacoma, WA houses people awaiting civil immigration hearings or deportations. It is the State of Washington’s only private prison. Recently, the company that manages the for-profit prison, GEO Group, was served with a lawsuit from the Attorney General’s office. Washington’s Only Private Prison Becomes Target of Private Prison Lawsuit Read More…

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What Happens to Your Imprisoned Loved Ones During Natural Disasters?

When a natural disaster strikes, prison inmates must be evacuated. They are just about the lowest people on the list of rescue effort priorities. So, what happens to your loved ones in prisons during natural disasters? Hurricane Harvey Prison Evacuations: Over 8,000 Inmates Hurricane Harvey caused major flooding in Texas. This resulted in authorities evacuating Read More…