Coweta County Prison's Very 1st Reentry Program Class Graduation
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Georgia Prison Helps Overcome Recidivism through Reentry Classes

Former prison inmates have hard times securing jobs on the outside. Reentry classes help overcome recidivism by preparing them for financial security. Not being able to make a living to support themselves and their families is a major problem. It forces many ex-inmates to go back to crimes. Then they get caught again and land Read More…

Prison Suicide: Richard Tavera pictured with two kids in a family photo.
Prison Suicides & Deaths Videos & Audios

Must See: Surveillance Video Shows Richard Tavera Hung Himself While Prison Guards Watched

Richard Tavera was sentenced to three years in prison by a Georgia judge. Surveillance footage reveals that four correctional officers stood by a watched as he hung himself. These videos are being used as evidence against the prison guards. It’s proof that they didn’t intervene in December 2014 when the 24-year-old Georgia inmate took his Read More…