Black-ish criticised by fans for casting Chris Brown in an episode about the treatment of black women.
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Black-ish’s Brilliant Perspective on Having a Loved One in Prison

Black-ish is an ABC series that’s essentially a comedy sitcom. However, its writers have chosen to tackle the ideas of prisoners and jails in the US quite brilliantly. The . Still, it uses up all of its resources to make a point on the state of society today. Throughout its four seasons, the writers have touched on […]

Suicides in prison
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Why Jails Need To Reassess Their Current Strategies To Curb Inmate Suicide Cases.

Ross Frye’s death on September 19 inside the Allegheny County Jail, marked the 5th among the inmates who committed suicide there, in an 18-month span. The 62-years-old hanged himself. Just as all prisons do, following Frye’s death, the jail evaluated its policies and even disciplined some staffs. What those in charge of these facilities fail […]

Family of Jonathan Fano says he would be alive today, had he gotten the mental health care he desperately needed.
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Family Files Lawsuit for Jonathan Fano, Who Hung Himself in a Baton Rouge Prison

On Feb. 12, an inmate committed suicide inside his cell in East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. Now, his family is suing the parish and city in a lawsuit for Jonathan Fano. Reasons for Lawsuit for Jonathan Fano Prison staff failed to provide Jonathan with the mental health treatment The inmate was subjected him to unconducive living conditions […]

Shaylene "Light Blue" Graves added to the state's high suicide rates when she took her own life in a CIW prison in 2016.
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Staff Neglect Leads to State’s High Suicide Rates in California Prisons

An audit reveals that the suicide epidemic in California’s state prisons are caused by faulty leadership and oversight practices. This is leading to the state’s high suicide rates. Scott Kernan, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) Secretary, defended the CDCR.  Kernan claimed programs such substance abuse and domestic violence counseling, were developed to lower […]

Richard Dwyer
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Inmate’s Death Ruled Death by Suicide at One North Carolina Prison

A prisoner’s death at the Lanesboro Correctional Institution was ruled an inmate death by suicide when officers found him unresponsive in his cell last week. He was serving 29 years when he killed himself. Charged with statutory rape, inmate Richard Dwyer, was discovered in his cell apparently unresponsive at 10:15 am. Local paramedics and prison staff […]

Santiam Correctional Institution inmates held the first-ever prison suicide prevention walk to take place inside a correctional facility.
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Inmates Organize First-Ever Suicide Prevention Walk Inside Prison (Video)

SALEM, Ore. – KATU News reports that prison inmates successfully organized and carried out an awareness campaign walk inside the Santiam Correctional Institution in Salem. It was a prison suicide prevention walk. This was the first time ever prison inmates would organize a suicide prevention walk inside the confines of a prison facility. (Video at […]

Tricia Cooper attempted to commit suicide by hanging herself at Luzerne County July 25. She died the following week.
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Relatives Distraught After Inmate Commits Suicide in Luzerne County Prison

Another inmate has committed suicide in Luzerne County Prison, according to Times Leader. Her family members are distraught and demanding answers. The latest death recorded at Luzerne County Prison was a ruled a suicide. And, both family members of the deceased and county officials are seeking answers over what actually happened. There have been eight […]

Luzerne County Coroner says inmate Brooke Griesing committed suicide by hanging herself in her Luzerne cell.
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Luzerne County Coroner Makes Determinations on Deaths of Two Inmates in County Jail

Last week, Times Leader reported on the Luzerne County Coroner’s determinations on the deaths of two inmates in the county jail. One was drug-related. The other was a prison suicide. Luzerne County Prison in Pennsylvania has had a lot of inmate deaths. Most of them have been caused by suicide. Statistics on attempted prison suicides […]

Female Hawaiian inmate Jessica Fortson is not rare. Prison and jail suicides are an epidemic in the US.
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Female Hawaiian Inmate Commits Suicide… Father Blames Long-Term Isolation

Monday, US News reported on a female Hawaiian inmate who committed suicide in her cell. Her father, Richard Fortson, has been questioning authorities. He believes his daughter was isolated for far too long, which led to her death. 30-year-old prison inmate Jessica Fortson is a mother of two. The woman prisoner was found unresponsive in her […]

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Experts Suggest Money is the Key to Tackling Prison Suicides

Two weeks ago, The Guardian published a news report related to tackling prison suicides. It’s author, Mary O’Hara suggests that the problem is related to an overcrowded, underfunded penal system. This makes it impossible to deal with mental health issues, causing the prison suicide rate to soar in the United States. The Suicide of Alabama […]