Meek Mill Takes a Mean Prison Photo
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Judge Brinkley Still Refuses to Review Meek Mills Prison Sentence, Says It’s “Absolutely Necessary”

Justice Genece E. Brinkley still refuses to review Meek Mills prison sentence. The Philadelphia judge says it is “absolutely necessary” that the rapper serve out her two to four years prison term. Judge Brinkley sentenced rapper Mills to prison over a parole violation for an offence he committed 10 years ago. Despite being accused of Read More…

Shawn Corey Carter Jay Z
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Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Invests Heavily in Promise; an App which Promises to Improve the Criminal Justice System

The justice system is massively flawed, biased, and ironically unjust. This is the tale many black families recounts with so much sorrow and sadness. One in nine black children has a parent behind bars and the reason for the incarceration is most likely inability to afford bail. Jay Z has decided to lend his voice Read More…

Remy Ma & Papoose on a Prison Visit
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American Rappers Employ Hip-Hop Lyrics to Raise Awareness for Incarceration Injustices (Part 2)

2 part series: Black entertainers, such as Hip Hop rappers and movie producers, have resorted to using their crafts to harp on justice equality and prison reform across the United States. They relate to the Black community and other minority groups. Click Here to Read Part 1 Several of these Hip Hop artists have been sentenced Read More…

Hundreds showed up to protect at the #FreeMeekMill rally, including some high profile celebrities, activists, supporters and fans.
Famous Prisoners Series Mass Incarceration Prison System Issues Recidivism in the US

Hundreds of Supporters Sing Meek Mill Song ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ At Rally

After a judgement of 2-4 years in prison for rapper Meek Mill, hundreds of high profile activists, celebrities and supporters took to streets to protest, singing Dreams and Nightmares. Dreams and Nightmares: Meek Mill Seems to Be Living His Own Version Mill’s fans and music colleagues held a rally to show him support by singing Dreams and Read More…

One of Meek Mill's Many Mugshots. He Says the Police Beat Him Up Bad.
Famous Prisoners Series

Analysts Review Rapper Meek Mill’s 2-4 Year Prison Sentence

Philadelphia Judge Genece E. Brinkley on Monday sentenced Robert Williams, the rapper known as Meek Mill, to 2-4 years in state prison. Now, a petition has gone viral and analysts are reviewing the case. His current offense is that he violated several paroles since 2008 for gun and drug possession charges. Many of the violations have caused judges Read More…