Darrell Jobe started Vericool, a 100% green company that hires felons.
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Former Gang Member Launches His Own Company to Hire Ex-Cons

Being released from prison is a mixture of many emotions, that tend to be overwhelming. The hardest thing is planning the next moves. Finding jobs is high on the list, which can be very hard to do. Many inmates are released with the thought of starting a new life. But in reality, for many, it Read More…

Hamilton County’s TOWER Program Job Fair for Inmates
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New Book Launch: The Felon’s 2019 Guide to Finding a Job & Becoming an Entrepreneur

Are you seeking ways to assist your incarcerated loved one to find a job after he/she is released from prison? We have good news tailored just for you… a comprehensive guide has been created to help you with this. This book is designed to help ex-convicts land jobs after they have been released from prison. Read More…

Ban the Box: Protecting Your Rights or Disguising Your Past
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Pros & Cons of Ban the Box Movement: Does Racism Still Rule?

Today, about 70 million adults in the US have criminal records. This leaves them scuffling to find jobs for felons that can actually sustain their daily lives. Does Ban the Box handle this? Or, does racism stop it in its tracks? Will Employers Hire Ex-Offenders? Employer Preferences, Background Checks, and Their Determinants A study was Read More…

Jobs for Felons
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New eBook: Felon’s 2019 Guide to Finding a Job & Becoming an Entrepreneur

Prison Rideshare Network is proud to announce the launch of the eBook The Felon’s 2019 Guide to Finding a Job & Becoming an Entrepreneur. And, it’s FREE to download on Amazon from Wednesday, 11/21 to Sunday, 11/25. This is a useful tool for anyone currently or formerly incarcerated and/or with a felony record. Don’t let your Read More…

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Indianapolis Inmate Creates Her Own Re-Entry Program That Helps the Local Community (Video)

Forty-four-year-old Vanessa Thompson has led other women prisoners to solve two problems with the same stroke in Indianapolis. She developed a re-entry program that enables released inmates to renovate abandoned houses with opportunities to also live in them. There are over 10,000 abandoned houses and lots in Indianapolis – yet housing problems send ex-convicts back Read More…

Released When Does the Sentence End
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‘Released’ Brings Prison Families & Officials Together to Celebrate Hope (Video)

Just recently U.S. Attorney John Horn, Gov. Nathan Deal, and former inmates gathered to celebrate a documentary: Released: When Does The Sentence End? Also present were clergy, business and nonprofit heads who are working to assist in preparing inmates for jobs upon their release. All the stakeholders above were featured in the documentary: Released: When Read More…