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Abolishing Prisons: A Valuable Movement or Just a Dream?

Trump and other political leaders are currently discussing widespread reforms to the US prison system. But there is a growing number of people who want to end mass incarceration and abolish prisons entirely. Much of the opposition to the current prison system stems from the vast over-representation of People of Color. Research by the Sentencing Read More…

Drawing of NFL Player Colin Kaepernick Kneeling against police brutality and mass incarceration.
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NFL Players Reject Pardons: Demand Prison Reform Instead

NFL players have rejected President Trump’s request for a list of prisoners that he could pardon. The players request for complete prison reform instead. NFL Speaks Out About Mass Incarceration NFL players have made it clear to President Trump. They possess the right to speak on politics and social injustice. They got the fact across Read More…

Meek Mill is a proud father who loves spending time with his son, even when he's on the road.
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Meek Mill Uses New Freedom & Celebrity Status to Campaign for Justice Reform

Following his recent release from prison, Philadelphia Papper Meek Mill is now engaged with criminal justice reform. He joined Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and Philly city officials to campaign for changes in criminal justice policies. Mill is using both his celebrity status and newfound freedom to bring about changes. Mills and top state officials convened Read More…

Philadelphia House of Correction
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Philadelphia’s Oldest Jail to Shut Down Operations By 2020

Established in 1927, the oldest jail in Philadelphia, House of Correction (HOC) is to finally shut down operations by 2020. Jail inmates may be moved to other jail facilities in the surrounding areas before 2020 to facilitate the closedown. This development was disclosed by Mayor Kenney and Prisons Commissioner Blanche Carney, Chestnut Hill Patch reports. Read More…

Red Onion State Prison in Wise County is Virginia's only super-maximum prison.
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Shocking Report Shows Virginia Mass Incarcerates Low-Risk Offenders

A tool developed to make room for hardened criminals in Virginia prisons has revealed low-risk offenders are being sent to prison instead of being diverted to community-based programs. Prison cells that should be reserved for violent criminals are now used for non-risky offenders, leading to prison overpopulation. The tool is a questionnaire known as Virginia’s Read More…

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Civil Rights Coalition Petitions Congress to Support Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2017

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights has petitioned the Senate Judiciary Committee to support the Sentencing Reform and Correction Act of 2017. Vanita Gupta, President and CEO of The Leadership Conference, in an advocacy letter highlighted the problems of mass incarceration and the benefits of passing the proposed Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act Read More…

Mass incarceration leads to overcrowding and deplorable conditions in prisons and jails.
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Decarcerating America: New Book Offers 3 Tiers of Health Solutions to Mass Incarceration

A new book titled Decarcerating America: From Mass Punishment to Public Health written by epidemiologist Ernest Drucker goes on sale on February 20. This book examines the problems of mass incarceration in America and proffers three tiers of solutions to curbing the phenomenon. It addresses this problem from a public health perspective. Author of A Plague of Read More…

The Department of Corrections (DOC) in Washington is shifting to more gender-specific treatment of women in prisons. (Mike Siegel/Seattle Times/MCT)
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Rates of Women Incarceration Worldwide Higher Than Population Growth

The rates at which women are getting locked up globally are becoming very alarming. They are thrown into prisons in every country at rates higher than the population growths of each country. To make matters worse, women are incarcerated for many offenses that men would walk for ultimately. With millions of women entering the labor Read More…

Rikers: An American Jail
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Mass Incarceration: Black Law Students Celebrate MLK Weekend with Film Screening (Video)

The University of South Carolina’s Black Law Students Association (BLSA) is celebrating MLK Weekend with a screening of the Rikers: An American Jail documentary. This year’s event is marking the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. After the film screening, a discussion will follow with a panel of experts. This MLK Weekend event is billed Read More…

Going to prison does not make you less of a person. But it does make it systematically, intentionally, institutionally much harder to be treated like one.
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New Jersey Prisons Lift Ban on “The New Jim Crow” Book For Inmates

The ban earlier placed on Michelle Alexander’s book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness has been lifted in New Jersey. This was in response to pressures mounted by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The book is a New York Times bestseller that focuses on the problems of mass incarceration.   Read More…