Offender Monnek Hall, left, spends time with her daughter Ayona Hall, age 13..
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Girl Scouts Beyond Bars: Prison Daughters Get Special Visits with Their Incarcerated Moms

There’s a lot of conversation surrounding the effect of incarceration of parents on their kids. As is the same with many social issues, it almost never goes beyond the lip service. However, the Girl Scout has taken the responsibility to act with programs like Girl Scout Beyond Bars. The initiative is targeted at bringing closure Read More…

Hiland Mountain Correctional Center inmate Marchela Fast holds her daughter Alaziah Fast-Detroy before Fast performs her lullaby at the prison in Eagle River on Saturday. (Bob Hallinen / Alaska Dispatch News)
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Alaska Program Uses Music to Help Mothers Behind Bars Stay Connected with Their Prison Kids

One Alaska program is helping incarcerated mothers stay connected with their children even while behind bars. It encourages better parenting through music. At the Hiland Mountain Correctional Center, the prison hosted it’s 2nd annual Project Lullaby Concert. It’s a program that encourages moms in prisons to be good, loving mothers to their children with the Read More…

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Program Helps Women Prisoners Stay Connected to Prison Kids & Families

Mother’s Day is one of the most challenging days for women prisoners at Grand Valley Institution. Many of the up to 215 inmates are also mothers missing their kids. More than 75% of those incarcerated in the facility are mothers. And more than 50% of were the primary supporters and caregivers to their children upon Read More…

Nebraska Prisoner Alyssa Mayer and DeVanté
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The Toll Parents Behind Bars Has on Nebraska’s Prison Kids

Children of imprisoned mothers and fathers are often described as the forgotten victims of incarceration. When a parent goes to jail, children are affected, usually in negative ways. However, these effects are rarely considered in criminal justice processes, during which – instead – attention is focused on determining the guilt or innocence of a person Read More…

Mom's in Prison
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Mothers in Prisons: The Forgotten Victims of Their Crimes Struggle the Most

When it comes to women and their children, the bond is something that seems unbreakable, until prison walls come between what should always be a solid connection. And, that’s why these prison kids are known as the Forgotten Victims of Crime. Incarcerated Mom Doesn’t Always Equal Bad Mom Sometimes, good moms find themselves in situations Read More…

reentry programs
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Here’s A Program Offering Re-Entry Assistance to Incarcerated Parents

Statistically, Indiana rate of parental imprisonment is the second in America. And that time which is lost in prisons can at times be one of the toughest parts of being behind bars. But one program has emerged in Indiana to serve as a channel to connect the inmates and their families and friends with resources, Read More…

Better parent-child interaction within the prison systems is the LR198 study.
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Nebraska Senator Initiates Reform for Children of Incarcerated Parents

Nebraska State Senator Patty Pansing Brooks aims to improve the lives of children with incarcerated parents through better parent-child interaction. The senator introduced an interim study (LR198) that seeks to examine the impact of having an imprisoned parent on a child. This study is relatively timely given the large number of kids with jailed parents Read More…

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Arkansas Voices: A Single Woman’s Endeavors to Help Children Left Behind By Incarcerated Parents

Teaching parenting courses to mothers behind bars started with Dee Ann Newell in 1994 (Arkansas Voices). She founded the Arkansas Voices for the Children Left Behind back then. This was largely because incarcerated parents were often urging her to “please check on our kids”. Dee Ann Newell actually helped to pay visits to children of Read More…

Jason Saldivar lost his 4 kids in a van crash while incarcerated in Texas.
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Father Of 4 Kids Killed During Hurricane Harvey Released From Jail

On Thursday, 36-year Jason Saldivar, was freed from a federal prison in Beaumont, Texas. While he was incarcerated, his four kids were killed during Hurricane Harvey. A day that many would expect to be his happiest, was actually not for him. Saldivar did not have his four kids to welcome him back home. They died Read More…