Prison Break: Does Lincoln Figure Out Michael's Whereabouts?
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Fox Hints At Bringing New Iteration of Prison Break to TV Screens

Fox executives have come up with an awesome idea for a new iteration of the hit TV series Prison Break. We have the details here. Is a New Iteration of Prison Break Coming Soon? Movie lovers may look forward to a new iteration of the series Prison Break again. This was revealed by Fox’s president […]

The Cast of Prison Break
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Wentworth Miller Pitches Amazing Storyline for Prison Break Season 6

JUST weeks after Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring revealed that the upcoming reboot would mark the Fox drama’s end, Wentworth Miller has assured the show could have a longer future than initially reported. Prison Break Season 5 May Not Be the Finale Filming for the fifth season is currently well underway, with nine more episodes […]

The Prison Break Escapees: That's a lot of inmates to how made it out of prison by escaping.
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Prison Break: Do Its Main Characters Ever Die or Stop Breaking INTO Jail?

Prison Break started as a high-paced TV series where the main character, Michael Scofield, breaking into jail… specifically a high security prison. Then, he breaks out of prison again with his brother Lincoln in tow. But the “Prison Break” movie has now gone beyond this simple plot into a bizarre twist of conspiracies and frame-ups. […]