Inmates across the US refused to provide prison labor during the largest strike of its kind in the US.
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What Can We Learn From the Largest Prison Strike in US History?

This past August, inmates in 17 U.S. states went on strike by refusing to eat or work. That meant no prison labor to help feed the pockets of the various DOCs. And, there are lessons to be learned from what ended up being the largest prison strike in the history of America. These 2018 prison Read More…

CDCR Firefighters on Road with Fires Looming
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Time to Give Thanks to the Forgotten Heroes of the California Wildfires

The Camp Fire is officially contained thanks to the brave men and women who fought back the flames of the California wildfires. Let’s tip our hats for the forgotten heroes no one wants to talk about: The CDCR prison firefighters The infamous California wildfire now known as The Camp Fire destroyed 14,000 residences in the Read More…

Angola Prison: Arkansas uses FORCED, unpaid labor to thrive.
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US Inmates Strike for Fair Wages: Authorities Downplay Nationwide Impact

Who can we actually count on when it comes to prison reform? Congress just doesn’t seem to get it. All federal efforts to make changes toward reform continuously fail. And, the states don’t seem to want to act fast enough, coming up with one excuse after the next for getting things going. However, there is Read More…

A group of California inmate hand crew firefighters camped outside of a fire in 2006.
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California Exploits Prisoners Sent to Fight Wildfires for $2 a Day

California uses prison inmates to fight its raging wildfires. They exploit their incarcerated status by only paying them $2 per day.   For only $2 per day, 3,400 prison inmates in California have been deployed to fight the wildfires. The inmates who are fighting fires include 58 juvenile offenders. They are all working alongside an Read More…

Prison workers put in time to make the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility community garden a success.
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What This Indiana Prison Does to Bring Freshness to the Community (Video)

Monday, US News reported on community pantries being stocked with produce by an Indiana prison. The Wabash Valley Correctional Facility is helping fill food pantries in Indiana area with fresh produce. Indiana Counties the Prison Supplies This particular Indiana prison grows fresh produce and supplies it to community food pantries in the following counties: Sullivan County Read More…