CoreCivic's entrance to their headquarters.
Private Prison Systems

CoreCivic Gets Contract Extension in Montana Despite Lawsuits and Reputation

Not regarding its terrible reputation and numerous lawsuits over human rights abuses, Gov. Bullock of Montana went and renewed the contract of CoreCivic. CoreCivic, one of the largest private prison companies in America, is at it again. This time, it succeeded at manipulating the Montana governor into winning a contract extension. The private prison establishment Read More…

Prison Health Issues

Tennessee’s Diabetic Prisoners Denied Insulin Due to Greedy, Cost-Cutting Measures

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has joined a class-action lawsuit against CoreCivic for failing to provide diabetic prison inmates with required insulin shots. Formerly known as Corrections Corporation of America, CoreCivic is one of the largest operators of private prisons in the United States. The detention company owns about 65 prisons and eight immigration detention Read More…

Montana Rejects CoreCivic Offer
Private Prisons

Private Prison Company CoreCivic Negotiations with Montana DOC Stalled

Montana Department of Corrections and CoreCivic are at a stalemate in discussions. This comes just about a year before the expiration of the contract of the private prison company to run Crossroads Correctional Center, causing the state to buy the 550-bed Shelby prison. Villa said on Thursday that the state presented two offers and banned the Read More…

Private Prisons VS Immigration Reform
Private Prisons

California’s Private Immigration Prisons Become Subject to Public Records Act

On January 1, the California Public Records Act went into effect. It holds private immigration detention facilities accountable through open records laws. This also put a freeze on the expansion of the state’s private prison facilities for immigration detainees.     Private Immigration Prisons Under Fire California is the first state in the country to apply open documentation Read More…

Earlier 2017, 50 detainees went on hunger strikes in NWDC protesting horrid living conditions.
Mass Incarceration Prison System Issues

Horrid Conditions Lead to Lawsuit Against Washington’s Only Private Prison

The Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) located in Tacoma, WA houses people awaiting civil immigration hearings or deportations. It is the State of Washington’s only private prison. Recently, the company that manages the for-profit prison, GEO Group, was served with a lawsuit from the Attorney General’s office. Washington’s Only Private Prison Becomes Target of Private Prison Lawsuit Read More…

Tennessee driver's license sample
After Release Programs Prison System Issues Recidivism in the US

Core Civic Private Prisons Refuse Order to Provide Released Inmates with State-Issued IDs

Core Civic Private Prisons are not issuing state-issued IDs to released inmates. And, it is an enormous problem for both the ex-cons and the prison loved ones waiting to start lives with them at home. You have a loved one serving a prison sentence in Tennessee. Your family or friend has served out the prison Read More…

One New Mexico private prison is threatening to close permanently if authorities don't bring them more inmates fast.
Prison System Issues Videos & Audios

New Mexico Private Prison Demands ‘More Inmates Now” Or Else (Video)

Last week, a YouTube video was posted that suggests private prisons in smaller cities are demanding more inmates. One New Mexico private prison is threatening to shut down if more prisoners don’t check it soon. (Video at bottom of page) A private prison in Estancia, New Mexico, is threatening to shut down in the next Read More…