Abuse at Wisconsin Youth Prison prompts concerns and lawsuits.
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Fox 11 Tours Wisconsin Youth Prison to Find Out the Progress

Just recently, the troubled Wisconsin Youth Prison known as Lincoln Hills School welcomed a few members of the Fox 11 media for a tour. However, no cameras were allowed inside. The visit aimed to find out about the changes being put in place to improve the conditions for the inmates and staffers. This troubled youth Read More…

The School to Prison Pipeline
Prison System Issues School to Prison Pipeline

Wisconsin Addresses School-to-Prison Pipeline & Juvenile Correction System

Wisconsin officials want to close the state’s prison for troubled youth. Attorney General Brad Schimel will only support the closure if a reliable alternative exists first. How Wisconsin Makes It Easy for Kids to Fall Into the School-to-Prison Pipeline The school-to-pipeline is a term used in the description of the non-academic interaction between schools, students and Read More…

J. Cole visited San Quentin State Prison to discuss mass incarceration, which he addresses in his album 4 Your Eyez Only.
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Rappers Use Hip-Hop Lyrics to Raise Awareness of Black Selective Justice

2-Part Series: African Americans are the underdog targets of selective justice in the United States. Some Hip Hop artists work hard to advocate for change. Blacks in America are generally at a disadvantage and expected to lose. They are the targets of selective justice. So, it’s not surprising that People of Color dominate the jails and Read More…

Dinner Table
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Prison Moms Dread Thanksgiving While Missing Nonviolent Drug Offender Children (Video)

This wasn’t the best of Thanksgiving feasts for families who have loved ones behind bars. For these prison moms, looking at empty seats made it that much more dreadful. A New Path: Program for Prison Mothers The feasting tables were empty and chairs upturned since persons that would have filled them remain incarcerated. Several groups Read More…

Operation Open Arms: Foster Parents Needed for Children of Incarcerated Parents
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Operation Open Arms Places Children of Incarcerated Parents in Healthy Foster Homes

Operation Open Arms is giving new hope to children of incarcerated parents in need of good foster homes. Stable home-life is something that’s take fro granted when it comes to a prison kid with one or more incarcerated parent. Such efforts help fight the school-to-prison pipeline in US, while nurturing healthy, strong youth. They understand the Read More…

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Oregon Youth Authority Working to Ensure Juveniles Complete Education While in the System

At MacLaren Juvenile Detention Facility in Woodburn, Oregon, the boys who are placed there spend each school day where they should be – at school. They sleep in prison beds, but during the day, they attend a regular school and get the usual teachings – from math to science, and English. State educators and justice Read More…

rob sullivan
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(VIDEO) Jailed Offenders Were Childhood Victims Long Before They Became Adult Offenders

Histories of several jailed offenders reveal they were victimized in their childhoods long before they became adult offenders. Thousands of prison inmates became prisoners as a direct or remote consequence of their childhood experiences. A case in point is that of 43-year-old Rob Sullivan, who just got released from the Enfield Correctional Institution. Sullivan was Read More…

The School to Prison Pipeline
School to Prison Pipeline

Eight Forum in “Pipeline to Prison” Series Focuses on Juveniles in Adult Prisons

Local groups in Florida have collaborated to unveil the eight program in their “Pipeline to Prison” series of community forums. Titled “Florida Law and the Effect of Adult Incarceration of Youths,” the latest forum was presented on October 16 at Franco’s Italian Restaurant on Gregory Street. The program featured a panel discussion about the large Read More…

school to prison pipeline
School to Prison Pipeline

Current Issues with School-To-Prison Pipeline and Why Black Girls Are Mostly Affected

The school-to-prison pipeline concept refers to issues that take youths from schools into prison cells. It refers to how school displinary and law enforcement policies “connive” to push kids from schools into prisons. But this has gone beyond being a coined term, it is now a trend that is consuming youths and costing the government Read More…

Sampson Prison Inmates Help Local Students in Need With School Supplies
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Sampson Prison Inmates Help Local Students in Need With School Supplies

Sampson Correctional Institution inmates come to the rescue for hundreds of local students in need. They made sure the students all had school supplies, provided through a prison-community initiative. With all the evil that is happening in the world, it’s more than welcomed to hear some good news about the civil and humane things happening in Read More…