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Technology and Prison Visitation


The past few decades have changed the world forever. There may never be such a rapid increase in technology over such a short period of time ever again. These advancements have affected everything in the world including the prison system.

One area that has been revolutionized is visitation. Since the beginning of time prisoners sit in a cold room across a piece of glass where they speak with their friends or family.

Many prisons have now implemented a new communication system within the prison using Skype. Prisoners are allowed to use Skype to speak to their loved ones who do not have the means to visit the prison during visiting hours.

This solution allows people to save money and time. Furthermore, people with small children are able to stay at home with their kids without having to put them through a strenuous journey.

Lastly, not only does this solution work for families but it aids prisons. One prison that has implemented this system is the Clark County Detention Center. This Detention Center is saving time and money by using Skype. They are also looking forward to having less foot traffic in the prison as there will be less chance for smuggled contraband.

A decade ago Skype had just been founded. Few people knew the power of video chatting, and even fewer dreamed of technological advances such as Facetime or Google+ video chat. A decade later, the world has changed. As smartphones take the place of laptops and desktop computers, some of these advances may finally be filtering into areas that have long needed them. One area in particular that holds great promise is prison visitation.

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