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Texas’ Prison Treatment and Rehabilitation Program Necessitates White House Meeting

The treatment and rehabilitation programs in Texas prisons have necessitated a White House conference. The conference was to study Texas’ prison reentry model and modify it for federal prisons across the country. The ultimate aim is to reintegrate former inmates into the society rather than allow them to find their ways back to prison.

The meeting took place in the office of Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser.

The meeting was attended by business leaders, religious heads, political officials, and representatives from the Justice Department.

Representatives from some other federal agencies were also in attendance at the meeting which held in Kushner’s Office of American Innovation.

State Governors and Top Officials at the White House Prison Reform Meeting

Some of those present at the prison reform meeting were –

  • Texas US Senator John Cornyn
  • Sheila Jackson Lee
  • Dallas investor Doug Deason
  • Brooke Rollins, president and CEO of Public Policy Foundation
  • Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin
  • Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

Governors Bevin and Brownback are both Republicans, but they strongly support prison reforms, the Houston Chronicle reports.

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Instead of constructing new prisons in the state, Texas officials toyed with the idea of reducing recidivism. They thought it is better to prevent events that land felons in prison rather than building gigantic prisons.

So they experimented with prison treatment and rehabilitation programs and it proved very successful. Other states are now working to institute this prison reentry model in their own states.

Gov. Bevin Tweets That the Meeting Was Productive and Meaningful

Dallas investor Deason said the successful model saved Texas a lot of money. Now they have lower crime rates as a result of the programs. And a lot of money saved up which could have been used to cater for prisoners and construct more prison facilities.

Gov. Matt Bevin tweeted soon after the meeting that “Productive meeting @WhiteHouse today discussing meaningful, intentional, forward-thinking ways of helping offenders reenter workforce.”

The White House meeting proved a success because both the White House and the Justice Department had always wanted prison reforms.

Although US Attorney-General Jeff Sessions and President Trump are unforgiving of illegal immigrants and drug offenders, they are nevertheless pushing for better prison reforms across the states. This will ensure that released prisoners are better reintegrated into the workforce and earn a living rather than going back to a life of crime.

This move is in the nick of time as the Texas Prison System is falling under vast scrutiny about how it handled evacuating prisoners from the Beaumont State Prison.

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