Mugshots of White Boy Rick: Juvenile (left),l Adult (right)
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Growing Up in Prison: Controversial Story of White Boy Rick

White Boy Rick, or rather, Rick Wershe, was 17 years old when he was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was caught with over 650 grams of cocaine. He is today the longest serving juvenile drug offender in all of Michigan. The story of Wershe is one of controversy and mob deals against police involvements.

The Detroit police in Michigan paid Wershe on the side to snitch on drug dealers. By the time he was 17, one of the persons he ratted on got him shot. The Detroit police would not protect him or cover up for him as they had earlier promised. So he went full-time into drug dealing until he was caught and sentenced to a life he prison. Then he got the nickname “White Boy Rick”.

White Boy Rick Blames Police for Using & Abandoning Him

Juvenile and adult mugshots of the now-famous prisoner White Boy Rick.
Juvenile and adult mugshots of the now-famous prisoner White Boy Rick.

Wershe is now 47 years old and has served 29 years in prison. But times have changed. The Michigan state Constitution no longer permits for life imprisonment without parole for juveniles charged for drug offences.

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Famous prisoner Rick Wershe has tried several times without success to have his sentence reviewed.

In fact, Wayne County Circuit Judge Dana Hathaway noted that Wershe was sentenced as a minor under an old law that no longer applies today.

But back in 2015, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office won a ruling at the Michigan Court of Appeals where Wershe’s plea for resentencing was quashed.

The plaintiff said he was disappointed with the ruling but would continuing fighting until he breathes his last. He blamed the Detroit police for his woes, stating that law enforcement tricked him into crime when he was a juvenile and then left him hanging.

One of the drug lords Wershe triffled with in the drug business was Johnny Curry. Curry and his brother Leo were eventually busted and sentenced to 20 years in jail.

They have since been freed after serving their sentence. But when Johnny went off to prison, Wershe moved in with his wife Cathy Volsen, who happened to be the niece of former Mayor Coleman Young. Today, Johnny is even advocating for Wershe’s early release, burying the hatchet between them.

Wershe Granted Parole and Due for Release on April 20, 2021

White Boy Rick granted parole

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To increase his chances for early release, Wershe agreed to help the FBI arrest infamous drug lords and corrup police officials in Detroit.

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His help led to the arrest of Cathy Volsen, former Mayor Coleman Young, Young’s bodyguard Jimmy Harris, and Young’s brother-in-law Willie Volsen. Wershe was also instrumental in helping for the arrest of former Detroit homicide boss, Gil Hill, and several other corrupt top police officials.

The Michigan Parole Board eventually voted on July 14, 2017 to grant Wershe parole. He is now incarcerated at Reception and Medical Center state prison in Lake Butler, Florida.

The Florida Department of Corrections says he will be finally released from prison on April 20, 2021. He could be lucky to earn an early release if he serves out his sentence in Florida, but Wershe says he is not giving up until he walks out of prison.

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