The way to a girl's heart is through her mailbox. And, prison dating websites know this.
Prison Pen Pals

Threats Being Made Against Prison Dating Websites in the U.S.

Will prison dating websites be banned on a nationwide level?
Will prison dating websites be banned on a nationwide level?

Timothy McManus connected with a woman named Donna. She resides in a Georgia State Prison. They met via an online prison dating website. He had the harmless intention to just offer her some legal assistance.

McManus dropped her a letter to brighten up her day. He had just completed a nearly 20-year sentence himself in a Texas State Prison only mere months prior.

Finding Prison Love Online

He had become very familiar with online prison dating sites when he was serving time. The former prison inmate was appreciative of the correspondences that he garnered from using such dating sites for prisoners as:

With so much in common, it did not take McManus and Donna long to strike up a romantic relationship. He said:

“We certainly understand each other’s lives. To be honest, since I’ve been out, it’s not impossible, but difficult, to relate to women outside who don’t understand. There’s a connection with Donna.”

This is just a singular example of the two divided worlds that united with the creation of such inmate dating websites as:

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Prison Dating Websites for Inmates Threatened

As more pen-pal prison dating sites are developed, their ever-rising popularity continues to enable prisoners and civilians the opportunity to find companionship.

However, a new threat is looming upon thousands of inmates! Prisoners are finding their access to pen-pal sites completely banned and restricted.

The war for reform in the criminal justice system between the state and federal governments is influencing prisoner’s privileges of accessing these types of websites.

Access has been restricted for prison inmates in states such as Pennsylvania, Montana, Missouri and Indiana. The state of Florida prohibits all prisoners from accessing any online prison dating website.

Corrections officials and new laws are being passed to ban and restrict inmates from accessing dating websites for prisoners. This is because they claim that the expenses garnered from these types of activities are too much.

Sme states have already begun to limit the amount of correspondences that inmates are allowed to receive and send by way of these sites. There are others that have yet to take such drastic actions.

Prison Love: Is it Enough?

These new laws have impacted Timothy McManus’s relationship with Donna in such a way that it has ignited him to become more of an advocate in the industry.

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According to Bloomberg, McManus states:

“We’ll take it one day at a time. That’s all you can do.”

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