Taraji P Henson is the feature of the #9 #PrisonWives of Instagram post for August 5, 2017.
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Top 9 Liked #PrisonWives of Instagram Posts (08/05/2017)

Saturday, August 5, 2017 – The #PrisonWives of Instagram are never a quiet group. Between memes and prison visit pictures, we’re never left wondering how strong love can be when faith is involved.

These women are fearless, strong, faithful and of course loyal… not just to their incarcerated husbands… but, to the prison families which they vow to keep intact until he comes home.

Their profound hashtags are known to go viral. And, the #prisonwives hashtag is no exception. It’s very popular among the Prison Wives of Instagram. They use it to voice their love, losses, happy times and sad moments.

Top 9 Liked #PrisonWives of Instagram Posts

These are the top 9 LIKED posts using the hashtag #prisonwives on Instgram for Saturday, August 5, 2017. If you’re a prison wife, you just might want to follow these ladies.

#9: @TexasPrisonWives

The #9 spot goes to IG user @texasprisonwives. This post is a good indication of just how much prison wives want to stay sex figures in the minds of their locked up hubbies. Check out these poses. They are seductive enough to keep him content. Yet, innocent enough to make it through letter inspections.

Some suggestions for pics for your hubby sent by another wife! #prisonwifelife #prisonwife #prisonwives

A post shared by Prison Wives of Texas (@texasprisonwives) on

#8: @PigeOnly

For the #8 spot for #PrisonWives of Instagram posts, we have an image from @pigeonly. This meme is hilarious in a way that only a prison wife could understand. Oftentimes, when men get sentenced on a federal level, they are sent far, far away from home, making it hard to get prison visits from loved ones.

Do what you gotta do – no judgement. Props to all the women waiting out there! #prisonwives #EmbraceTheWait

A post shared by Inmate Services (@pigeonly) on

#7: @SureShotBooks

Coming in at #7, we have @sureshotbooks. Not all #PrisonWives of Instagram posts are about being the wife of an incarcerated inmate. This image is a simple ode to God.

#6: @NY_JailBae

At #6, we have @ny_jailbae, This image shows just how far these dedicated ladies will go to visit their husband’s in prison. Here you see prison families and other loved ones standing outside in 25-degree weather, surrounded by patches of snow. They’re in line trying to visit men in a Wyoming State Prison.

The lives we live #prisonwives #jailbae

A post shared by Jessica Peña-Williams (@ny_jailbae) on

#5: @MyLife_As_A_PrisonWife

When it comes to #5, @mylife_as_a_prisonwife pays tribute to the many #PrisonWives of Instagram. She credits them with both supporting their incarcerated loved ones, and always pursuing change.

#prisonwives #unitedwestand #onlyanotherwomanwhosmanisdoinhtimecanGETyou

A post shared by PrisonWife ? (@mylife_as_a_prisonwife) on

#4: @FragrantFaith

In the #4 spot, we have @fragrantfaith. Her prison visit picture went viral on Instagram simply because of the two special prison visitors in the pic. Everyone is amazed that she’s able to bring her two service dogs with her to visit hubby in a Florida State Prison.

Family Photo! Yes I bring our girls to viso. ??? #Prisonwives #PrayForPrisoners #InmateFamilies #FreeHim

A post shared by Jaclyn T. Ramos (@fragrantfaith) on

#3: @North_Cali_PrisonWives

The #3 spot for Liked #PrisonWives of Instagram goes to @north_cali_prisonwives. And, when you check out who’s featured in this meme, it’s no surprise. True… #KimKardashian is not a prison wife. But, she her face is good for lots of Likes on social media.

? #prisonwife #prisonwifelife #lovewaits #ilovemyinmate #prisonwives

A post shared by OFFICIAL N. CALI SUPPORT (@north_cali_prisonwives) on

#2: @PigeOnly

Taking over the #2 spot is @pigeonly again. I really love this meme. However, I’m not sure if it got so many Likes because it features the ultimate beauty #TarajiPHenson… Or, is it simply because most prison families and prison loved ones have major issues with women C.O.s (for you non-prison visitors, that stands for correctional officers).

Please. These female C.O.’s don’t even come close. #prisonwives

A post shared by Inmate Services (@pigeonly) on

#1: @Amberrrr.7

And…. Coming in at #1 on this list of Liked #PrisonWives of Instagram posts is…. @amberrrr.7. This prison wife shares a bathroom selfie of her and a fellow prison friend. Apparently, they’ve been visiting #CDCR prisons together from Kings County Jail in Hanford, CA to California State Prison, Corcoran, CA (CSP-COR).

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CDCR stands for California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. But, those of us who are CDCR prison loved ones, completely denounce the “R” at times. We just don’t believe the California State Prison System puts as much effort into rehabilitating as they do punishing.

My kassy ? #prisonwives #FromHanfordToCorcoran #Connected ??

A post shared by Amber lokz Hernandez ? (@amberrrr.7) on

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