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Transgender Prison Inmate Marie Dean Was Not What Media Reported

The Marie Dean story elicited a lot of public sympathy when it broke. But there is more to the story than her hunger strike for transgender rights. More details have emerged to indicate Dean had a history of violence against women. And incarcerating her with women on the basis of identifying as a transgender woman further puts female prisoners at risk.

Media Manipulates Facts About Transgender Prison Inmate Marie Dean

Transgender Prison Inmate Marie Dean
Transgender Prison Inmate Marie Dean. Image Source: IPP Family Campaign

Marie Dean was initially nailed for burglarizing houses as a man, but recent revelations indicate she was actually a serial sexual offender. Dean was also a voyeur who broke “into several homes and filming herself wearing underwear belongings to teenage girls.”

This truth about the monstrous transgender was not immediately obvious because the media, for whatever reasons, chose to keep this fact away from public scrutiny.

The media partially reported that Dean was a gender dysphoria “serving an indeterminate sentence for public protection” for over 30 offenses. But the media failed to highlight that the popular transgender committed:

  • Voyeurism
  • Burglary
  • Assaulted police officers
  • Performed sexual acts in victims’ homes
  • Violated women
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In order to whip up public sympathy, the media zeroed in on the fact that Dean refused food in jail because she was denied hair straighteners, epilators and makeup.

The media went on to report that the transgender prison inmate was demanding transfer to a female prison to escape unpleasant experiences meted out to her at the male prison.

Incarcerating Marie Dean with Female Prisoners Endangers Their Lives

Why the media chose this path is unclear. But it is worrisome that the media failed to reveal the fact that prior to changing to a female and identifying as such, Dean had a long history of terrible violence against women under his belt.

Perhaps the media may have done this to avoid deadnaming, meaning terrible deeds done by a transgender prior to a pre-transition name change, are credited to them under their birth names rather than current names.

This was Gary Marie before he began transitioning into Marie Dean.
This was Gary Marie before he began transitioning into Marie Dean. Image Source: Trans Crime UK

One Thing Remains Clear About Marie Dean

This remains clear: Moving Dean, who has a violent history against women when she still identified as a man, into a women’s prison endangers endangers the lives of the women inmates.

Housing this transgender with female prisoners does not cut it. And for another good reason too. Journalist Sarah Ditum in the wrote in NewStatesman:

“If the gender revolution means a voyeur’s right to be seen as a woman is being placed ahead of women’s right to be safe from a voyeur, something has gone very wrong.”

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