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Two More Inmates Overdosed on Drugs at Trumbull County Jail

Two more drug overdose cases were reported at the Trumbull County jail in Warren, Ohio. The incident happened despite the use of a body scanner aimed at preventing drugs and other contraband from entering the jail.

The latest victims in the October 2 drug overdose case were inmates Timothy A. McGowan, 29 and Robert P. Click, 35.

Trumbell county JailAccording to Lt. Dan Mason, administrator of the jail, correction officers noticed inmates gathering in the minimum security wing of the jail on Monday. They then found the two inmates lying on the floor on possible drugs overdose.

McGowan and Click were given multiple doses of naloxone—an opiate reversal drug, and then brought to St. Joseph Warren Hospital for treatment.

Mason announced the day after that the inmates were already returned to jail.

The two will face drug abuse charges if their medical records show definite drug use.

Who Was At Fault?

Chief Deputy Joe Dragovich of the Trumbull Ashtabula Group drug task force said it was not McGowan or Click who brought the drug inside.

A new inmate was suspected to have brought the drugs inside the facility.

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Mason said the unnamed inmate will likely be charged with illegal conveyance of drugs of abuse onto a detention center.

Trumbell County Jail: Drug Overdose Cases Happen Despite Use of Body Scanner

Druh Abuse overdoseThe drug overdose cases in Trumbull County jail comes even after the facility installed a full body scanner aimed at preventing dugs from entering the jail.

The $120,000 body scanner, which the jail started using on September 15, is supposed to find things that can’t be distinguished by the human eye.

In the latest drug overdose case, officials said the drugs were able to go through due to human error.

Dragovich said:

“The scanning took place, but if the corrections officer was more vigilant and observant, they would have seen indicators and they could have prevented this. We will deal with the CO (corrections officer), but it was just a failure to follow policy.”

The correction officer in charge of the booking procedure could face internal discipline due to the incident, Mason said.

Overdose Cases Now Total to Five: Trumbell County Jail

The latest incident brings the total drug overdose victims in Trumbull County jail to five.

On September 24, three inmates overdosed in the jail and survived.

A substantial amount of suspected drugs were found at their pod and sent to a state crime laboratory for testing.

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