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Recidivism in the US

(VIDEO) Gov. Rick Snyder Tours Vocational Village with Hopes of Stopping Recidivism

Governor Rick Snyder was recently at the Vocational Village at the Parnall Correctional Facility in Jackson. He toured the vocational center to see what facilities are on ground to discourage released inmates from returning to prison. The newly opened Vocational Village was established to teach inmates various work trades.

vocational village in jacksonOpened on August 30, the new Vocational Village at the Jackson correctional facility can cater to the vocational needs of 350 inmates at full capacity. But then it currently caters to teaching about 200 prisoners various trade skills at the moment.

Eligible Inmates Will Learn Up To 10 Different Work Trades at the Vocational Program

One of the inmates utilizing the prison vocational center, Kyle Counts, said the facility would greatly help inmates deal with the boredom of incarceration. Prisoners are often bored to death with inactivity, and the vocational program would be a great help in this regard.

Counts is learning up to 10 different work trades at the vocational program. This ranges from carpentry to truck driving to repairs and so on. The ultimate objective of the vocational program is to fight recidivism and keep discharged prisoners far away from returning. It is estimated that having occupational skills could keep ex-inmates profitably engaged in the world and away from prisons.

“There is no reason why anyone needs to resort back to crime, violence, or whatever they were getting themselves into because now we have the education and tools to get a job when you get home.”

This Program Will Put an End to Recidivism for Released Inmates

After touring the vocational village, Gov. Rick Snyder revealed that the vocational program will enable ex-inmates to live normal lives once released.

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The governor said released prisoners need career opportunities to make a living outside in the world, and well-paying jobs would be assured with skilled training.

He said the skilled training will be a fabulous head-start to keep ex-convicts engaged and out of prisons.

Not all inmates at the Parnall Correctional Facility in Jackson will be eligible for the vocational program. Only those with 18 months or less to serve and with zero misconduct are eligible for the prison program.

“People come home from prison and can’t find jobs and since they can’t get a job they resort to their old life – and this program will put an end to that,” Counts said.



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