It's time to get you and your family prepared for a prison visit this holiday season to let them know you care.
Prison Families & Loved Ones

Visit of Loved Ones May be the Key to Success after Release

While people are incarcerated, it is not often that they get to have something to look forward to like a visit of loved ones. Prisoners and detainees, because of their status, are restricted in their family life.

It’s no surprise that a detention facility is a dull place. By far, not a place anyone would ever want to be in. But for the people serving time for years, months or even weeks, it’s a place to call home. So what can be done to positively impact inmates?

Visit of Loved Ones: A Silver Bullet for Prisoners

Loved ones in prison and visitationThe right to respect for family life is diminished by the forced separation of the family that all detention and imprisonment entails. However, the right to respect for the family life of detainees and prisoners may be affected by the current prison system today.

Not only by a family separation required and in all normal light but also by the conditions of detention or imprisonment. The Visit of loved ones can make a grave difference, but video visitation is making these types of personal visits obsolete.

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By the conditions of detention or imprisonment, many see family in a negative light, as a burden that has to be managed, just like prisoners. In reality, that may be the key to successful reinsertion.

People who are in touch with their loved ones, use their time more positively while behind bars. It’s directly proportional to the vast majority go to family or family-like homes when they are released.

Visit of Loved Ones: An Old Institution Made New

Several studies have proven that the fact of keeping family ties strong, is the answer to saving people. Not only does it reduce recidivism, but it changes the perspective of prisoners looking for a future on the outside.

Skills training proficiency and employability also improve In prison. When people look forward visit of loved ones and to reuniting with the ones that are important today, they want to do better.

Family is the oldest institution of humanity in the world. It is a key element to get inmates to turn their lives around.

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