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CDCR CIW Visiting Day to See My Mom – 4.23.2011

I’m off to see my mother this morning. It’s been a couple of months. So much has happened since then. I can’t wait to catch her up on some things I didn’t feel like writing her about.

Yesterday, my Granny called to confirm that I was still going to take her today. She said that she had been trying to get down there for a while, but no one would take her. I promised her that I would.

My Granny has such a sarcastic sense of humor. Outsiders think it is so cute. Her offspring, on the other hand, finds it to be very annoying and obnoxious, yet rider-style hilarious. She told me that if I don’t show up today, she was going to “hunt me down like a rabid dog and shoot me to put me out of my misery”! I thought to myself, “Wow, what a ‘nice’ thing to say to your granddaughter.” LMBO!

Anyway, I’m off to see my dad’s baby-momma. Another day with the two matriarchs of my maternal family. Once again, this will be an interesting day. Will update you all later. Wish me luck!

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