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Wake Sheriff Donnie Harrison Says Part of Jail Where Lara-Pineda Hanged Himself Was Supervised

Following the death of Jose Humberto Lara-Pineda in a Wake jail, Wake Sheriff Donnie Harrison has written to explain a few things that others got wrong. In a four-page letter to state officials, Sheriff Harrison debunks claims that the part of the jail where Lara-Pineda hanged himself was not supervised.

The jail is located in Wake, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Lara-Pineda was arrested on March 21 on a first-degree murder charge.

He was arrested for the strangulation death of 28-year-old Fredys Odilo Cid Ramos.

The 18-year-old hanged himself with his jumpsuit string tied to the nozzle of a water fountain.

He asphyxiated himself in a sitting position but died three days after the incident at WakeMed, the News Observer wrote.

Part of Jail Where Lara-Pineda Died Was Not Under State’s Supervision Regulations

Lara-Pineda had hanged himself within the booking area of the detention facility. He was arrested in the early morning of March 21 and hanged himself that same afternoon in the booking area.

In Wake Sheriff Harrison’s letter, he stated that jail supervision rules did not extend to the booking or holding area where Lara-Pineda hanged himself.

“We regret that this incident occurred, however we were operating under the direction and advice of the (state) jail inspectors,” Harrison said.

Two Detention Officers Were Fired Over This Oversight

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Lara-Pineda Showed No History of Medical or Suicidal Tendencies

And he insists the deceased was under constant supervision during his brief stay at the holding area.

Harrison further averred that Lara-Pineda did not betray any suicidal tendencies that could have made him to be placed under special watch.

He stated that the teenager was at WakeMed the night before his arrest, and he did not show any anxiety of any kinds to indicate he was homicidal or nursing suicidal thoughts.

A jail nurse who also examined Lara-Pineda denied he had any medical or mental health problems. The unnamed nurse said the young man had no history of homicidal or suicidal ideations. He spoke softly with his head down when asked about the charges against him, and his behavior showed no risks whatsoever. He also betrayed very little emotion when he spoke.

The deceased what placed at the booking area to await psychiatric observation before he was discovered dead. Although the holding area offered no complete view to detention officers, there was a camera installed to monitor what goes on inside.

Why the detention officers manning the camera did not catch Lara-Pineda at his act remains to be explained.

This is an issue that is impacting hundreds of prisons in America every single day. The prison suicide rates are alarming! Hopefully, most prison systems will begin to take precautions to preserve the lives of their inmates.’

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