DMX Looks Cracked Out These Days
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Washed Up Rapper DMX Facing Serious Prison Time… Again (Video)

Rapper DMX faces up to 40 years in prison for tax evasion. But a subsequent plea at the Manhattan federal court could fetch him between 57 and 60 months behind bars. DMX was charged for evading up to $1.7 million that should have gone to the IRS.

Rapper DMX Looks Cracked Out These Days
Rapper DMX Looks Cracked Out These Days. Image Source: TMZ

The has-been rap star had initially denied the charges of tax evasion, trying to come up with excuses to cover his tracks. But he ultimately admitted to his guilt on Thursday. Under his real name, Earl Simmons, DMX was arrested in July and charged with 14 counts of offenses.

Rapper DMX Lies in Court Before FINALLY Admitting to Tax Evasion

Forty-six-year-old DMX was first adamant in claiming innocence before Judge Jed Rakoff. He blamed other people whom he put in charge of his finances for not settling his tax issues.

Later he said he was unable to pay because he sent money to his ex-wife for child support. But Judge Rakoff insisted tax evasion is an intentional crime and the offender must own up to it.

One of DMX's Many Mugshots
One of DMX’s Many Mugshots. Image Source: NY Daily News

Judge Rakoff asked DMX:

“You knew you had an obligation to pay taxes, right?”

The rapper replied:

“Yes, your honor.”

And that settled it before he admitted to his guilt.

Federal Prosecutors Recount: DMX Purposefully Evaded Taxes Multiple Times

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan charged Simmons of avoiding paying tax to the IRS by depositing his paychecks into the account of his managers. His managers then converted the checks to cash which is paid back to Simmons.

The prosecutors went further to accuse the rapper turning down a paycheck for the TV series Celebrity Couples Therapy (video clip below) in 2011 when taxes were deducted. He was alleged to have quit the remainder of the TV show until the check was issued again inclusive of taxes and all.

Simmons attorney, Murray Richman, said DMX has taken responsibility for his actions and would like to sort things out.

Video: Rapper DMX Goes Off in Celebrity Couples Therapy

Check out this video clip from Celebrity Couples Therapy. Watch how DMX talks to and treats the wife he now claims he gave all his money to for child support.

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