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What US States Allow Prison Conjugal Visits?


If you have ever had a partner in prison, you know what conjugal visits are. However, conjugal visits are not allowed in each state. The states that allow conjugal visits are California, Connecticut, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York and Washington.

The original purpose of a conjugal visit was to motivate prisoners to work harder at their jobs in prison. Conjugal visits were technically scheduled for visitors to allow prisoners to spend time with their legal spouses. The idea is that they may finally engage in sexual intercourse in private.

Over time the purpose of a conjugal visit has evolved from that to a family visit. It is not just important for an inmate to spend time with their spouse but also with their family. Therefore many visits involve children. The inmate is able to talk privately, watch television, play games and cook and eat with their family.

These visits occur on prison property in apartment like homes. They are completely furnished with utensils, cooking equipment and appliances. Families are also allowed to bring food items to eat and cook.

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If you are interested in a conjugal visit with your loved one, contact the prison to see when you can schedule your own visit.

Currently, only six U.S. states allow prison conjugal visits within their prison systems: California, Connecticut, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York and Washington. Originally, prison conjugal visits were used as an incentive to motivate working prisoners to be more productive.
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