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Singapore Prison Inmates Become Fathers, Husbands and Sons Again On Open Visit Day

The Singapore Prison Service (SPS) has organized an open visit day for inmates at the Tanah Merah Prison. The event was a 4-hour program for prison inmates to reconnect with their friends and families. The main objective of the program was to heal broken relationships between inmates and families.

singapore prison inmatesSome of the Singapore Prison inmates even go on to learn occupational skills inside prisons. This is to enable them secure profitable jobs after their release and make them responsible members of society. Apart from career skills, the inmates are also taught communication skills with their kids and family.

Singapore Prison: Kids Feel Neglected By Incarcerated Parents, and Vice-Versa

The need to learn communication skills becomes important bearing in mind that relationships have become soured between many Singapore Prison inmates and their families.

Children become often embittered that incarcerated parents abandoned them. Some kids hate their incarcerated parents for doing things that landed them behind bars. The feelings of neglect and wrongdoing often pitch children against their imprisoned parents.

On the other hand, incarcerated parents often feel abandoned by their children and spouses. This feeling of family neglect often causes inmates to be bitter and isolated.

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Sometimes guilt makes prison unbearable for many parents; and lack of family visits compounds the problem. Soured relationships between incarcerated persons and their kids or spouses and family need to be healed to foster better bonding.

singapore prison parentsSingapore Prison: Cries and Tears as Open Visit Day Comes To an End for Incarcerated Parents and Kids

Several studies have established that inmates who are often visited by family tend to stay out of trouble after their release. Family relationships reduces the rate of recidivism and make ex-convicts strive to be there for their family.

The open visit day at the Tanah Merah Singapore Prison was put together by the SPS to celebrate Children’s Day. It was also a part of the Family Care program organized by the charity group Focus on the Family Singapore. During the program, inmates were allowed to hug and hold their loved ones and chat for as long as they could.

When it was time to go, tears streamed down many faces and many other kids cried openly. It was the first time some kids would see or hold their incarcerated parents. And for some other inmates, it was the first time they would see their parents in decades.

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