Prison Wives/Girlfriends

Who is The Prisoner’s Fiance?

Passing judgment is what the society does best to prisoner fiancés. Rather than hold their hands, respect their decision and be supportive, most people choose to do otherwise. The decision to be in love or fall in love with an incarcerated person isn’t one taking lightly.

The story below is a personal story of how a lady got in a relationship with her best friend of over twenty years who has been incarcerated for about twelve years. The prison fiancés mother is also serving sentence.

How I Became the Prisoner’s Fiance

I’m still not sure why, but that call was the beginning of it all. Within six weeks, we were both more in love than we had ever been in our lives – it didn’t take long before I became the prisoner’s fiance.

In some cases, the relationship is in existence before sentence and in other (fewer) cases, people fall in love after with prison inmates. It is believed that listening to and seeing things from the perspective of prison fiancés can help in reducing the phobia against having a relationship with an incarcerated person. Read More

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