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Wife of Deceased Inmate Seeks $75,000 Damage Against Summit County Jail

Elizabeth Jordan, has filed a lawsuit against Summit County Jail at the US District Court in Akron for the hanging of her husband, Wayne K. Jordan. Elizabeth is asking for $75,000 in compensation, payment for attorney fees and legal injunction against the Summit County jail.

Wayne Jordan suicide in JailShe is suing for the wrongful death of her husband who hanged himself at the jail, Akron Beacon Journal reports.

Jordan was found dead in his cell on February 12. This was just four days before his trial was to commence. His wife Elizabeth has filed the lawsuit against the Summit County authorities, Sheriff Steve Barry, two deputies and a number of jail staff.

She charged that their actions and inactions caused her late husband to impose extreme physical sufferings on himself before his death.

Wife Says Her Husband Was Suicidal and Mentally Unstable

In her lawsuit, Jordan told the court her husband was highly suicidal. S

mntal illness and suicides in jailsShe claimed Wayne’s medical and mental history were obvious red flags that should have alerted the jail authorities that the deceased was a serious suicide risk.

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She added her husband should have been monitored every 20 minutes as required by jail policies, but he was left unsupervised for 41 minutes during which he killed himself.

Sixty-three-year-old Wayne Jordan was booked into the jail on October 2, 2015. He was charged with six counts of rape and gross sexual imposition over a minor who was only 10 when the sexual assault began.

Jordan was said to have sexually assaulted the preteen for several years dating back from 2008. He was booked into Summit County jail on a $100,000 bond.

Legal Injunction Seeks Jail to Observe the Legal Rights of Mentally-Ill Inmates

Elizabeth lamented that her husband had called her from jail a day before his suicide. He had complained of going crazy from his incarceration and beginning to lose his mind. He referred to the fact that there were two blankets and a bed-sheet in his cell. These were items he hanged himself with from his bedpost.

In her legal injunction against the Summit County jail, Elizabeth prays the court to enforce the jail to “observe the constitutional and statutory rights of mentally ill and suicidal inmates.”

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