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Write For Us

Write For Us: Seeking Guest News Reporters

Do you have the passion and interest it takes to write prison news for us? We would love to feature you as our next guest news writer in exchange for valuable backlinks.

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We are currently looking for passionate guest news writers to write for our prison news site.

All you need is a strong desire to read and understand the prison news niche so you can produce high-quality content that adds value to the lives of our blog readers.

After you have submitted the content and it’s published, it becomes the property of Prison Rideshare Network. You are no longer allowed to use it or part of it elsewhere.

Presently, Prison Rideshare Network does not pay guest news writers.

We allow you to include backlinks to your website and blog. And, considering the amount of traffic we get to our blog, it will be of great value to you too.

Guest News Reporting Guidelines

  1. Write original content and own the rights to your work.
  2. Give sources for all your content that include facts and statistics.
  3. Be accurate and honest in your writing to exhibit a shining personality throughout.
  4. Don’t be sarcastic or disrespectful.
  5. Make catchy and exciting headlines, but not promotional ones.
  6. No affiliate links or links to adult content, gambling sites or link building websites.
  7. All blog posts are between 800-1,200 words. Please do not include filler words or fluffs. They will be removed.
  8. Include at least two links to different web pages on our website or blog in your content.
  9. All links included in your content must be inserted as anchor text and not URLs.
  10. Once the content you submitted is published, it becomes our property and cannot be republished anywhere else.

Write for Us

Guest News Writing Style Guidelines

  • Write in the Second Person Point Of View. For example, use “You” to write directly to our readers.
  • Make your paragraphs and sentences SHORT. Usually, a sentence not exceeding two and a half lines, and 3-4 sentences in a paragraph.
  • Use bullets or numbered lists when listing people, places, and things. Avoid unnecessary long sentences.
  • Include H2/H3 subheadings to divide the content into sections.
  • Only one space is allowed between sentences.
  • No extra lines in between the paragraphs.
  • Do not indent sentences.
  • Oxford comma is not allowed in your sentences

Guest News Writing Frequently Asked Questions

Will you edit my work before it is published?

Yes, for clarity and SEO purposes, but your style and voice will be preserved.

Do I need to submit a headshot?

No, our system automatically pulls its headshots from the Gravatar. You will only need the following accounts, and make sure they are updated:

  • WordPress.com – provides a bio used across all blogs and it’s powered by WordPress
  • Gravatar.com– Connects the WordPress.Com bio to a profile image used across WordPress-powered blogs

Please set up your accounts before submitting your guest post prison news article to us.

What is next after my news article has been published?

When we accept your guest post, you will be notified via email within a week of an estimated publication date and a link to the post for you to review. We will also inform you when we publish your post.

Please like and share the news article when it is published, and engage with the readers through the comments as it helps the article to go viral.

How To Get Your Guest News Article Approved

Make sure you have an excellent idea and it is related to you or the brand you are representing or your area of expertise. Ask yourself if you would enjoy reading your content.

For your content to meets the needs of our site visitors, be sure to follow the following guidelines:

  • Use your area of expertise to write on the latest prison trends or prison news events that are likely to interest our readers
  • Give a solution to an everyday problem or concern that our prison news readers share in common
  • Share a personal experience related to prison news that would interest our readers

Submit Your Guest News Article

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