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Wyoming Frontier Prison Gears Up for October

The Wyoming Frontier Prison has officially kicked off the scariest month of the year with Haunted Halloween tours and a spooky twist to all of their walking tours.

Those brave visitors will enjoy the spooky Halloween tours that this historical prison features. For three nights, from 7:00 pm until midnight, guests will get to see what spirits haunt this prison, and will enjoy thrills and chills along the way.

Halloween Prison tours WyomingFor visitors who aren’t so into big scares, the overall spookiness of Wyoming’s first prison will still thrill tour-goers.

From a visit to the prison museum that covers facts about the prison, such as the overcrowding issue that caused many health and emotional issues among inmates, to the addition of 32 cells in 1904.

Or the stories of the ways that the guards in the prison worked to keep the inmates in line that included solitary confinement cells and a visit to the dungeon are sure to cause goosebumps.

Take a look at the notorious “Punishment Pole,” where inmates were handcuffed and whipped with rubber hoses, but don’t be surprised if you catch an eerie feeling while you’re there.

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Tours will give visitors an insight into some of the gorier details of life in the Wyoming Frontier Prison like how the worse inmates were executed. Take a look at the “traveling” gallows, or the newer indoor gallows. Later executions were done in the must see gas chamber, and a walk into the death house proves to be more than just a little creepy.

Listen to tales of the hardest inmates that the prison was home to, and listen to what living in a crowded cell with no heat and inhumane conditions was like. While you’re visiting, don’t forget to take a walk to the prison cemetery and explore some of the products that the prison inmates produced.

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